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  • The buckwheat diet is very popular because it does not require large financial costs and at the same time allows the body to maintain a balance of nutrients even in a restricted diet. In addition, the usefulness of cereals replaces a whole set of foodstuffs. Which Diet Option Should You Choose?
    17 November 2021
  • The golden rule for losing weight fast at home is a specific goal and an unwavering intention to achieve it. Let's talk about the main aspects of successful weight loss at home: psychology, diet and physical activity.
    2 August 2021
  • How to lose weight of 7 kilograms in a week: proper nutrition and physical activity, drugs for weight loss, remove excess fluids from the body.
    1 October 2020
  • The causes of excess fat. All of the exercises to burn fat. Jogging or walking. The exercise of planck. Curl. Breathing exercises. The advice of a specialist
    2 April 2020
  • What is more important for fast weight loss — healthy food or effective exercise? Response nutritionists unique — slimming first of all, it is necessary to switch to a healthy diet. But little exercise wrong will not do.
    4 March 2020