Exercises for weight loss belly and sides

The extra inches in the neighborhood of the size comes a lot of inconvenience to people who are overweight, cause complexes and insecurities. In the pursuit of the perfect body losing weight ready to do a lot of things: a grueling diet, exhausting workout in the gym or even take drugs — in the course is going well. Today, it will be on the set of the exercise for weight loss belly and hips. Are they really effective? What results can you expect? We will analyze in the remainder of this article. slimming

Effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides

The exercise is very beneficial for the body because:

  • strengthen immunity;
  • improve the functioning of the cardio-vascular system;
  • increase strength, endurance;
  • reduce the likelihood of the onset of depression and lethargy, because during the course, enables the production of the happiness hormone" — serotonin;
  • complmentaires feed oxygen to the cells;
  • stimulate the functioning of the brain, improves concentration, the ability to work, a tendency to the formation;
  • reduce insomnia, make you sleep better quality, deep;
  • slow down the aging process of cells and tissues;
  • normalize the metabolism;
  • strengthen the muscles, improves the posture.

The main thing — to find individual is a complex exercise, which corresponds to skills, state of health. People with a fairly large overweight, for example, many types of fitness are contraindicated because they can cause injuries to the knees and lower back, increased blood pressure and much more. In this case, as a workout ideal for the simple walk. Scientifically proven that walking for 30 to 40 minutes per day significantly reduces the risk of cardio-vascular diseases, contributes to improving the well-being, increases the tone of the body.

The causes of excess fat

excess fat

Of the fat in the belly and the sides can accumulate for a variety of reasons:

  1. Health problems. The extra inches in the neighborhood of the size may indicate the presence of a variety of diseases, as well as the visceral fat, how Is it? — deposits around internal organs that hinder the normal functioning of the systems.
  2. A bad lifestyle, sedentary work, the abundance of greasy food, fast food, lack of sleep can be a cause of excess fat. How is it possible?
  3. Psychological factors: the inability to deal with the various circumstances of life, the habit of "grab" the stress, there are of the company or of boredom.

Excess weight, you receive one or several reasons both in the effectiveness of the fight against excess weight requires a holistic approach: the work with the psychologist of formation of good eating habits, exercise and good nutrition.

How to start training?

The training must be regular, at least three times per week, only then to be able to get visible results. Each lesson divided in two parts: cardio and strength.

Cardio exercises help the body to cheer up, to prepare for the next charge, in addition:

  • help speed up the metabolism;
  • reduce the rate of cortisol is the stress hormone, the excess is often leads to overeating and disruption, sleep disorders;
  • improve the functioning of cardio-vascular and respiratory systems, helps to increase the resistance;
  • actively to burn calories, if we compare the power part of the session.

Cardio workout should include exercises intense quickly in succession, so that the organization had not had the time to get used to. You can alternate between the jump and the running high pick-up the thighs, squats and lunges. Optimally, for that this party has lasted not less than 20 minutes, and the weight loss will be useful to organize real cardio 2-3 times each week for 40 to 60 minutes. Same asset at a walk at a fast pace will be an excellent option.

A series of exercises to burn fat

At the present time in the world of fitness is actively used by the so-called interval training different systems. They are recognized by the specialists the most effective: a view of the load replaces another, therefore, the body has no time to get used to, is constantly working to the limit, actively burning calories. This training strengthens the muscles, the cardio-vascular system and respiratory system, improves the metabolism accelerates the synthesis of proteins.

These training sessions include the three main groups of exercises:

  1. Aerobic: running, cycling, fast walking, jump rope, jumping, dancing. They increase the heart rate, enhance sweating, helping the body to warm up, to prepare for the next part.
  2. Power: rolling, planck, the slopes, the leg lifts. They are designed to strengthen the muscles.
  3. The gymnastics or stretching — the final step of the training, which allows you to relax, restore breathing and heart rate.

Women for weight loss that can approach yoga, asana (movement, exercise) in which, strung together, help to calm, reduce the stress, but well enough to assimilate the major muscle groups. Make a you can from home and carpet to replace a towel by a regular.

Jogging or walking

jogging or walking

Jogging or walking — what to choose to lose weight? Most people are likely to say that the first option is definitely the head. A walk of many seems to be business as usual, which can promote fat burning. Is this true? Analyze the main differences:

  1. The operation supports strengthening the muscles of the calf, the race, the chest, the back, the shoulder girdle, the thighs and the buttocks.
  2. As jogging, a person experiences the "flight phase", which is a quite big fall of the spine, joints. In the course of this phase is not.
  3. The walking tour course, can not be said about the race, which greatly increases the likelihood of the occurrence of injuries and different pathologies due to the increase of the load for the heart, the respiratory system, spine, joints.

Jogging and walking have a different effect on each person. If health problems is not, jogging in the distribution of moral and physical pleasure from it, then to lose weight best choose. If you are having problems with the cardio-vascular system, the spine, joints, or each output of running causes the morale of the discomfort, and then walking — the best option. Walk in this case, preferably at least an hour, in complying fast enough, the daily standard will be of the order of 8000-10000 thousands of steps, or 5 to 7 km, this is the recipe for longevity, a good remedy for many diseases.

The exercise of planck

An exercise of "the bar" for fitness trainers and rightly considered a classic, because it uses almost all major muscle groups:

  • press: the vehicle straight, oblique;
  • back: strengthen lower back, posture correction;
  • pectoralis major, deltoid;
  • buttock;
  • quadriceps;
  • calf;
  • thighs.

During the execution of the exercises of the "lath" a uniform distribution of the workload of all groups of muscles, for this reason, and by efficiency gains. In addition, during the course of lack of the load on the knee joints, which makes the bar available for those suffering from musculo-skeletal disorders, but only after consultation with the doctor and under the guidance of experienced fitness instructor.


Classical planck refers to a group of the year: in the course of lack of support for the joints, the body remains motionless, static statements. It has two varieties:

  1. Focus on the right hands. This option is the most simple, is accessible to beginners, because the burden falls on the feet.
  2. The emphasis on the elbows. Hold this position is the most difficult, because the weight is distributed evenly between all of the control points: the forearm, the elbows, the muscles of the legs. It takes a lot of effort to keep the body in a level position.

For running, you need to take the emphasis on direct, hands or the elbows, as for push-ups. The body must be drawn in a line. Exercise has a second name — the "council", which accurately describes the essence of the posture: should not be sagging of the lower back, buttocks, legs extended, knees tight. Such a provision is necessary to hold for 20 to 30 seconds, during which will be felt all the muscle groups, can be as easy occurrence of chills or heat sensations — all this testifies to the correctness of the execution. The bar is easy to make at home, it does not require equipment or form.


Side planck uses the muscles of the waist and on the sides. It is also possible to perform with the direct support of the hand and the elbow, and the sequence is the following:

  • take the classic position of the belt;
  • to deploy the enclosure 90 degrees, adopting a firm stance: one hand is supported on the floor, a carpet, another, you have to go back;
  • draw the whole body in a single line, must have the sense of tension in the waist, the lateral muscles of the trunk;
  • lock the position for 20 to 30 seconds.

Side of planck requires the control of balance and equilibrium, improves coordination, concentration and attention.


The woman is not always easy to get a flat stomach in effect of anatomical features: to the gestation of the child is necessary enough of the fat layer. But in most cases, of course, the excess weight is the consequence of a poor diet, lack of physical activity and psychological problems. The main thing — time to take himself, and you can start as simple exercises of a twist.

There are several varieties:

  1. Classic.
  2. Backlinks (or leg lifts).
  3. Oblique — "elbow-knee".

You can perform at home, using only the mat or in the gym using special equipment. We will review the technique later in the section "the Exercise lying on the floor."

Breathing exercises

More recently, widely used breathing exercises, which guarantees that with it, you can clean the stomach, falling, sides for a short period of time. It can be used as a supplement to yogic postures, or normal fitness to improve the performance of the respiratory system. In addition, such exercises you can use like a session of meditation, relaxation, calming, they can become a weapon to fight against stress.

But for all this, each reasonable person, it should be understood that reliable and without danger to the health, clean the belly, and falling only with the help of constant training, a lack of calories, changing eating habits, and the data of breathing techniques will help only a few speed up the process.

Jump rope

Jump to the rope, a good option to begin and complete the training session, they will help you body to cheer up, warm up and warm up before a game of power. In addition, the jumps:

  • improve the co-ordination ;
  • promote the development of the cardio-vascular system;
  • strengthen the lungs and the respiratory tract;
  • correct the posture.

Just 3 to 5 minutes before and after training to improve the effectiveness of the occupation. The only nuance — the jump rope contraindicated in people with diseases of the heart and the spine, women in period of menstruation, pregnancy, and with a high degree of obesity.

Gymnastics hoop

One more quite common among women to decrease the volume of the belly and waist, exercises, hoop — hulahupa. It is indeed able to help, but its action is local and only takes a few centimetres to the area of the hull, all other areas intact.

In addition, it strengthens the muscles, but only provides a massage effect, promotes the flow of lymph. Hulahup may leave contusions and bruises on the skin, all depends on its weight and the quality of the rubber from which it is made.

Course with the hula Hoop are contraindicated for women during the critical days and the pregnancy, and for gynecological diseases, the presence of skin rash, itching.

The slopes

The slopes contribute to strengthening the lateral muscles of the belly and waist. This is a simple but quite effective exercise is familiar to a lot of time at the school. The technique of execution is the following:

  • starting position standing, legs apart;
  • on the exhalation, you need to lift the right hand up and do a tilt to the left, as will squeeze the left side;
  • on the inhalation, return to its initial position;
  • on the exhalation, make the twisting of the other side.

To strengthen the effect, you can take in the hands of dumbbells of 0.5-1.5 kg or fixed on the cuffs of the weight. This will include in the working muscles, Quads, biceps, chest and back.

The advice of a specialist

the advice of a specialist

Experienced fitness instructors speak directly: no need to believe tempting photos of the category "before and after", a legendary comments, promising to pump the ass or cubic press 10 days. The work on the body of a long process, combining not only a regular exercise and a good diet, the job with the psychology. Already explained this sequence, see above. The dietary restrictions and strenuous workouts will not give you the result, if a person is not able to handle the stress, continues to enter serious life situations and problems or there is always a reason to the company of all households.

Therefore, for the quality, competent to lose weight without danger to the health, both physical and psychological, it is best to ask the specialists of the clinic of loss of weight. But they will be able to address in a comprehensive way, to pick up such a method, and without work will come in life and to establish itself, to become a party.