How to lose weight? 10 things about weight loss, You did not know

More importantly a manifestation of this event, the more urgent the question - how to lose weight? I know that many of You are about it will like it, and I still have more enjoyable in its light. In general, the work in this direction, we do pay more attention than usual, and very likely, we are going to create a cycle of taking notes. Why am I so overall decided to tackle the subject? Read it and go discover it for yourself.

How to lose weight: an introduction to the issue. Practical advice.

To start I would like to, with a brief historical reminder.

How to lose weight

As You know (You know, isn't it?), I did not write my article, is not developed independently on unverified information and superficial study of the issues. So it was this time, when I monitor the topic – how to lose weight? The first thing I had to deal with an abundance of commercial proposals for various types of structures (companies, businesses, individuals), who offer their innovations of drugs and methods to lose weight for everyone. It must be said that many of these proposals, I just threw in a slight shock: here, you and the colored pills (like in the movie "Matrix"), and the hormone treatments, and the different types of envelopes and even menus for the speakers of a bay.

From all of this ugliness from my immature brain for a long time could not come of himself :). Me since that it became a shame, that in the network, on the first positions in the issuance cost, it is precisely for these sites and the proposals that I have decided to dislodge them from there, this “heresy” something useful to the material, and I have no doubt that the implementation of the plan (including with Your help).

The second my observation and the conclusion has been associated with the scarcity of the (lack of completeness) and a fragmentation of information. The latter has a clear structure, the proposed advice everywhere, they are the same. In general, to summarize, I would say that the situation in regard to the theme of the slimming – trs pitiful, and all this because she bandaged money and desire to play (win) on the problem of man. The uncle and the aunt, by offering magic pills and medicines that promise weight loss in nothing of the idleness (and the acquisition of innovation non-sense), want to “cash in” with the gullible people. And, judging by the multitude of this kind of proposals, and the abundance of advertising, it is.

All of this, I said to bring sweetness to a dduction You do maigrirez, if you do not stop to believe in miracles in a sieve”. Lose weight (for most) it is only possible if You:

  • take full responsibility for the current situation on itself;
  • realize that you help yourselves, and on this you will need to work;
  • change your habits;
  • make an action rational.

Only points to the possible positive outcomes of care (continued) extra pounds. In the contrary case, it is better not to read a note, and return to the search for miracle cure and practices – “lose weight without doing anything.

This is the introductory part, the main objective was to put You on the good work of the mood. What, we go further.

As I have already said, in the future there will still be a section of the cycle, such as losing weight, today we are expected light aperitif, where there will be no theory and abstruse thoughts, and only 10 practices of tokens, the introduction of which will help you once and for all get rid of your extra pounds.

So, enough preamble, let's get to the practical part.

In the human body are present different types of fat, therefore, if in mind, it seems not full, it does not mean that it did not last, and that there was no explicit health problems.

The more negative the impact of the interior of the visceral fat. Its characteristic lies in the fact that it is not visible to the naked eye, it is diagnosed only in a specialized clinic, with the help of the resonance imaging (MRI tomograph). Such a scanner to find hidden deposits of fat around internal organs: the liver, kidneys and other.

Usually, the result of this investigation is the following image (1 – deviation from the norm; 2 – norm).

Most often, the increase in the size about the appearance in the body of the visceral fat. He starts to put the pressure on the abdomen, and the man appears to be the belly. In turn, it is this fat disappears first if You start to sit down on the diet (eating well) and exercise.

In fact, let's look at the basic tips that will help you lose weight, and therefore, getting rid of within the fat.

Tip # 1. Do not skip meals.

Many men think that if they missed the reception of food (one, two), then necessarily begin to lose weight. On the one hand institute, the less you eat (eat fewer calories), you will not have anything. However, all is not so simple.

All the instincts of overeating manages the supreme organ of the neural activity, and a brain. It is nutrient signals require the person to pay attention to the food. In particular, after a hearty breakfast (that is to say, when You have not missed), the brain is in a state of satiety, and almost does not react to the food. If you have decided to “mark” on a kind of meal, the brain begins to react intensely on the high-calorie food (candy, chocolate, donuts, etc).

Conclusion: You can skip breakfast, lunch or dinner, and having deceived himself, but to fool the brain will not succeed. It tries by all means to compensate for this meal, and what will be the “vile” way - by dreams of the high of food.

Tip # 2. Change the dishes.

Simple, but very effective for weight loss – take a plate of small diameter. The Normal plate has a diameter of 30 cm, replacing it by 25 cm, You can greatly reduce (22%), the number of products consumed.

Here, the main feature lies in the fact that a person simply cannot stop until destroy the entire plate. That is to say that You can on the eating and smaller dishes, but if large, and You eat just because you can't stop in time.

Tip # 3. To count the calories.

We have all your favorites, the foods that we eat, without even thinking about their calorie content. To abandon the latter would become for many a disaster, so we're not going to do it, we'll replace it more low in calories forpercent.

With the three meals, You can order to reduce the number of calories consumed. By consuming low-calorie products from Your diet, You start to lose weight. As it is said: “and the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe!”.

Tip # 4. Don't eat too much.

One of the main causes of excess weight - overeating. Pounds stick because of this that You are violating the golden rule of balance, which it is said to lose weight you must expend more calories than you eat.

In order not to eat more than normal (and for women, the daily rate of calories is 2100-2800 kcal in men higher higher between 2800-3500 between kcal), it is necessary to keep a log of records as when You have eaten. And, to contribute, you absolutely have all the consumables (biscuits with the tea at work, a snack in the car, etc). Usually, people do not save, and half of the products used, because you just do not notice that they have eaten:).

Tip # 5. Prefer proteins.

Products such as lean meat (turkey, rabbit), eggs, legumes, fish give body to the longer duration of the saturation. With the exception of the “long” of sympathy arrangements to feelings of satiety and You eat less in the next meal.

Why the protein has the same property? Let us understand it.

In the process of intake of food in the digestive system, is released into the blood of the hormone PYY. When it enters the brain, it suppresses hunger signals, and the person the longer experiences a feeling of satiety. The largest impact on the production of PYY, namely a protein.

Conclusion: put your day dishes protein-rich foods, and especially not on them in a small meal (breakfast).

Tip # 6. Eat foods that are pureed.

To extend the feeling of satiety before the next recharge process, it is necessary to eat solid food in order to transform into a liquid (add a glass of water and place in a blender).

As you can see, this food gives longer feeling of satiety. This can be explained by the fact that during the reception of solid food (with a glass of water) to the wall of the stomach tense, but the liquid in the latter does not linger. In there remain only small pieces of solid food, which is pretty quickly (within 2 hours) are digested and take into account a smaller volume. Therefore, the stomach shrinks quickly.

On the other hand, if the food is clear, add the water (to get the consistency of the soup), the total volume of the portions to increase, and it is much the longer remain, and digested in the stomach.

Tip # 7. Reduce the diversity of products purchased.

Long gone are the days where in the shops has been the lack of products. In the USSR, in Ostankino sausage stood at the clock, and the other species was not simple. Now, the counters and the sink in the abundance of the products. So often, in returning to the shop, the eyes are just starting to disperse, and you do not know on what to stop the eye, as everyone wants to try it.

So here, the variety in food is related to the amount of food intake. In itself a rich selection – it is good, but when the process of selection of food is connected to the brain, they will want to try everything and this is represented by the abundance. The result of this freedom, man can eat (and eat) 20-30% more than he could.

Conclusion: the possibility of choosing also reinforces our instinct desire to eat all at once, this leads us to overeating.

Tip # 8. Don't be afraid to eat dairy products.

We all know that dairy products are rich in calcium. Therefore, it enters the small intestine, binds with fat molecules, resulting in the formation is not assimilated by the body of the substance. The latter, with slag, simply eliminated by the body. Fat, to turn, nowhere is retarded and the man is not to become full.

Conclusion: low-fat dairy products contribute (2 times less than during their absence in the diet, the elimination of the fat.

Tip # 9. Let the body muscles.

A lot of people don't like to go in clubs or gyms. However, the following fact can radically change their (Your) position. The body after physical activity is capable of executing the mechanism of subsequent combustion is when the fat “drowns” in the next 24 hours after the course. It turns out that after a few years in the evening, say, at 19.00, the fat burning when you sleep and throughout the next day.

As well, it is because that our body uses for its boost energy different fuel (largely carbohydrates and fats). Carbohydrates during a workout to burn more quickly, and, after the course, inventory is very depleted. For the filling, it takes time, the number of 24 hours. Because the priority of the source of energy is not, for the body to maintain its activity process (activity) going on the fat.

Board n ° 10. Be active on any topic.

Most people do not know how effective and beneficial for the body to use up the allotted time. Here are a few examples of how you can combine on a daily basis (the usual case) useful (burning of body fat):

  • talking on the phone do you sit down steps and walk across the room or on-site;
  • in pronouncing the garbage, down and up the stairs to the foot;
  • walk with a home life, even with an animal;
  • go to work and from work to walk (or get off one stop earlier);
  • in the subway, don't go over on the escalator, and climb up on him;
  • seat of work do the activity.