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Safe weight loss through ketosis with Keto Diet – the only drug, based on the principles of work of the keto-diets fast to burn fat of the layer when it is stored calorie diet.

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Keto Diet – the only drug alters the metabolism of the

The problem of excessive weight bothers me a percentage large enough of the population. According to statistics, more than one-third of the citizens of a country, spain suffer obesity of the different stages. And if at first this does not seem to be as big of the problem, henceforth the excess weight leads to the far worse consequences. The huge load motors of the joints and the cardiovascular system, the destruction of the liver, the mental illness of the nature, all this is just a small part of the damage that causes the excess weight our health. But how do you fight for?

obesity, risk and the consequences of

Diets can be very debilitating physically. Not everyone in the world can the will power to reduce the amount of food three times, and replace usual delicious products exclusively in fruits and vegetables. And the sport is useful is not for everyone, as it will have more of the burden of the weakening of the joints. But modern medicine offers a simple and affordable solution to safe weight loss through ketosis with the help of Keto Diet. Natural remedy quickly rebuilds the metabolism and causes the body to burn in the first place stored fat, and not quickly assimilated carbohydrates.

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The causes of obesity

The excess weight can appear for several reasons, such as genetics and the behavior of the nature.

What kind of threat is the obesity for the health?

  1. Excess weight increases the pressure on the spine and the joints of the knee, leads to the development of arthritis, osteoarthritis.
  2. People with excess weight greatly increased risk of myocardial infarction, even at an early age.
  3. Obesity can cause serious complexes about the appearance and psychological stress. The person begins to move away from the people becomes reserved, does not like the reflection in the mirror and begins to grab more strong to the stress, there occurs a vicious circle from which there is no exit.
  4. It is long to enumerate the result which can produce the excess weight, the best way to address the problem of obesity once and for always – capsule Keto Diet will help you to lose weight quickly without the slightest discomfort and danger to health.

As with the problem of excess weight due Keto Diet

Keto Diet - a medication for fat-burning and speed up metabolism

Feature of the ketogenic diet as a and its basic principles are that it is not necessary to reduce the total amount of the intake of calories in the diet, just for the possibility to exclude the carbs and replace the fatty acids and proteins. Oils are preferred, cheeses, eggs, nuts, meat and meat products. The amount of carbohydrates in the daily consumption should not exceed 50 grams, and preferably from leafy green vegetables, green, because in candy and made with products of large amount of carbohydrates fast, which does not allow you to lose weight.

In conditions of shortage of carbohydrates the body is forced to go to ketosis – the breakdown and oxidation of fat, to obtain energy. So it begins soft and thinning of the body, and you will not feel hungry, because they eat absolutely normal.

The transition of the body into ketosis is quite long, you will need more than two weeks to replaced in the food chain of the glucose in fats - ketones. In this range you can produce headaches, weakness, chills, and the deterioration of well-being.

But only capsule Keto Diet allow reduce the time of transition in the consumption of acetone up to a total of 1 hour and speed up the process of weight loss, by the natural movement of the stimulation of the metabolism.

Why choose Keto Diet

Before many bio-additives and media, promising quick weight loss, capsules Keto Diet have remarkable advantages:

The composition of the Keto Diet

Guarana extract in the composition of the Diet Keto

The capsules contain only components of natural origin, effective in the complex. Reinforce the action of others and are not a threat to the health.

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Review of the medical

The doctor Nutritionist Citra Citra
The experience of:
11 years
The fight against the overweight is never simple, because it is the struggle with their own habits, as an organism, and often the genetic characteristics of an organism. I recommend to my clients in spain combine Keto Diet with keto-diet, as the most soft and comfortable for the patient. Capsules help gently enter a state of ketosis and accelerate the weight loss without affecting the well-being, and, what is important – not bruising the health, as the composition of the media is predominantly natural.