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  • Yoga for weight loss, the principle of yoga in the fight against obesity, which type of yoga is best suited, what is needed for classes, basic rules of conduct, a set of exercises to lose weight, how many kg can you lose weight, advantages and disadvantages, reviews.
    10 January 2021
  • Compliance rules, pros and cons, the essence of a diet to drink: preparation, allowed and forbidden foods, an approximate menu for a week, duration and exit from the diet.
    11 September 2020
  • The protein diet. The essence of the protein diet for weight loss. The rules of the diet protein. Benefits. Disadvantages. Counter-indications.Types of protein for the diet of the week. Protein from plant food. Protein-to-carbohydrate diet. The protein diet on day 14: an example of a menu.
    2 June 2020