The protein diet

Don't think you-even without meat, but you need to throw a few pounds unnecessary? The protein diet is exactly what you need. It is a power supply system for those who do not want to forgo the pleasure constantly consuming meat products, but is willing to give up the bad sweets, flour, salted, smoked, and marinated.

And here the question arises: "is it really possible to lose weight, eat mainly protein-rich foods?" Yes, and we are happy to show you this.

The essence of the protein diet slimming

the essence of the protein diet

What is this diet program, it is understood already from the name. The main source of energy, and the "driving force" for the weight – protein. Today, it is the most gentle and effective is a system that allows you to lose weight by eating a variety of protein-rich food and without feeling hunger and stress. The essence of the methodology lies in the following points:

  • The consumption of only protein-rich foods.
  • The complete removal of the lung carbohydrate names of sugar-containing products.
  • The rejection of harmful products in fat.
  • The consumption of an unlimited amount of vegetables and fruits, fish, eggs, vegetable oil, dairy products, with a minimum of fat.

Having understood the essence of this diet, you will always feel fresh, full, while losing the extra pounds.

The rules of the diet protein

Proteins – the main material of construction, component in all of the major processes in the body. In case of insufficiency of the intake of the substance a person begins to feel discomfort – weakening of the immune system, reduces the working capacity, deterioration of the memory, some organizations are beginning to work with a disability.

The rules of the diet protein

During the review of this dietary system of the protein component arrives almost in excess of. To obtain the benefits of this diet method, and not to "plant" your body, disrupting metabolism, it is important to follow a few simple rules:

  • Each meal should consist of proteins combined with other products, for example, vegetables, yogurt, fruits, etc
  • The daily standard of fat – 30 grams, which represents on average 1 to 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. It is appropriate to bring to a minimum the consumption of fatty foods. The better, if it is the olive oil for the salad garnish. Mayonnaise just completely abandon.
  • The complex carbohydrates in the form of grains can be consumed in the first half of the day. Allowed to eat up to six tablespoons. Prefer rice, buckwheat and oats.
  • During the preparation of the dishes use vegetables with a little starch – cucumber, zucchini, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, etc
  • In choosing fruits to your menu, we give priority to the sour-sweet apples, citrus fruit, e.g., oranges, grapefruit. Eat during the day for up to two fruits.
  • Clearly respect drinking. 1 to 2 litres of liquid, be sure to drink in the day.
  • The majority of the food crushable 5-6. The last time devoured in a couple of hours before bedtime.
  • In the period of the regime is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages, it is sweet and pastries.
  • No experience with the terms of the power supply. Its duration must not exceed two weeks, otherwise it can seriously harm your body.


the benefits of the diet protein

Respect the rules of protein diet is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight. This method slimming offers many advantages most important among which are:

  • Not hungry stress and constant desire to eat. Protein-rich foods, is converted by the body for a very long time. Combined with a lot of great parties this provides a feeling of satiety.
  • The rapid weight loss. In a few days, you can easily shed up to three kilos. If you have the will and the strict relationship to itself, the result can be improved to two times. If you want to significantly lose weight, choose the plan option, calculated on two weeks.
  • Long-term outcome. The difference in these same days of fasting on watermelon, the protein diet gives long-lasting results. With a good output, you can, at least several years, forget to throw pounds. The weight will be to stay at the right level.


The drawbacks of a diet on the protein

But we must not forget the few shortcomings of the program of loss of weight:

  • The lack of glucose. Rare the content of this element has led to the depletion of this important matter, as the glycogen, which focuses directly on the muscle mass. The result of this shortage gradually in dehydration, losing weight begins to experience weakness and pain throughout the body.
  • Bad breath. The excessive consumption of foods rich in protein leads to a bad smell.
  • The deterioration of the state of the nervous system. If the person at the origin there are prerequisites for these evils, with the passage of time can be the onset of depression.
  • The lack of nutrients and minerals. The consumption of food, in which the part contains the most protein, gradually leads to the fact that the body begins to feel a lack of vitamins, minerals, macro - and micronutrients. Resulting from the worsening condition of hair, skin, nails.


Despite the simplicity of the outfit, and excellent results, it is necessary to deal carefully with the protein diet. There is a list of contra-indications, when you have to choose another option:

  • The anaemia.
  • Pathology of the liver.
  • Heart disease in the chronic phase.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • The drop-off.
  • The NOSOCOMIAL diseases.

Also abandon this methodology, it is necessary that the people who are interested in serious mobility expenses.

Types of protein for the diet of the week

Types of protein for the diet of the week

Today, in order to lose weight available in the classic version of the dietary protein of a system and certain varieties of interest in some situations. Among the most common methods:

  • Express-plan. It developed on 3 and 5 days. The nutritionists advise the least possible to lose weight in a similar manner, because the body has no time to react. If you need to quickly unload before or after the holiday season, this variant of the power suit.
  • For the pregnant women. This system is fully balanced diet. The menu is neat is open to the smallest detail, includes not only proteins, but the proper amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other useful substances. Soft power can extend the time to perform up to four weeks. The difference in release date of the pregnancy, this option is the most desirable.
  • Protein fat. Another option, with a balanced diet. With this option slimming allowed to consume a small amount of fat. Shows what a regime, even people with pancreatitis.

Protein vegetarian diet

Protein vegetarian diet

Diet on the proteins and vegetables are still a variant of the main program of loss of weight, which deserves special attention. It is incredibly popular among the young women dreaming to lose weight delicious and nutritious. The combination of protein and vegetable component is really great and gives excellent results.

In the opinion of nutritionists experienced, this variety is the most safe and virtually does not inflict damage to the body. The essence of the methodology is, as its name indicates, in the daily use of 200 grams of fish, meat and vegetables. Ideal to combine pure protein with vegetables days. Thus, you reach the most relevant.

The duration of protein-vegetable diet is 5 to 20 days. The compulsory Scheme is based on the following categories:

  • Fruit – a minimum quantity.
  • Vegetables can be eaten fresh, as well as, after the heat treatment (baking, cooking, steaming, frying).
  • Low-fat meat or fish.
  • Low-fat dairy products.
  • Water, herbal teas, black coffee, no sugar added.

On the basis of this list, established by an individual diet menu.

Protein-to-carbohydrate diet

Protein-to-carbohydrate diet

On the protein, the carbohydrate metabolism way to lose weight also positively responds to the most of losing weight. A balanced diet, consisting of protein and complex, long-game carbohydrates, provides quick and easy access to the burning of subcutaneous fat without hunger stress and nervous exhaustion. A diet menu in this case, comprised of the following products:

  • Low-fat milk and dairy products.
  • Seafood – white fish is low fat and seafood.
  • Low-fat meat, poultry.
  • Legumes.
  • Eggs.
  • The dry fruits.
  • Pasta of durum wheat.
  • Cereals.
  • Potatoes.
  • Whole-wheat bread.
  • Nuts.

When the composition of the ration very carefully look at include the products.

The protein diet on day 14: a sample menu

How to plan the menu for the protein diet? All the charm of rough power related to the fact that when the development takes into account not only the characteristics of the methodology, but are taken into account the tastes of the person. If you don't know where to begin, you propose the following, an example of a menu for two weeks, which will help you in the development of his own ideal of the ration.

Day Breakfast Breakfast Taste The dinner
1 The eggs vsmjatku Chicken cooked in the oven Vegetable salad The pork with eggplant
2 Cheese, ham, cucumber The pumpkin soup Kefir The salmon on the grill
3 The cheese and the apple Chicken breast boiled Yogurt Water fish sea roast
4 Omelette with ham Tonkatsu, vegetable stew The green tea, cheese Grilled zucchini
5 Cheese cakes Chicken on a pair of The poached eggs Peppers stuffed with meat
6 Scrambled eggs with greens Boiled meat and vegetables Kefir Pumpkin milk porridge
7 Yogurt Salmon soup The green tea, cheese Chicken cutlets with cheese
8 The white cheese and sour cream Meat soup with vegetables Kefir The boiled fish
9 Of the protein with a cheese omelet Meat with braised cabbage Yogurt Croquettes
10 Salad of cucumber and tomato Cooked meat with mushrooms and cheese The green tea, cheese Vegetable Gratin
11 Cooked eggs, tomatoes The chicken soup Yogurt Hotpot
12 Kefir and apple Boiled chicken, vegetable stew The white cheese and sour cream The mackerel cooked
13 Protein-eggs, cheese Pork chops, vegetable salad Kefir Fish baked with tomatoes and cheese
14 Gratin curdled milk Meat soup with vegetables Yogurt Chicken simmered with onions and tomatoes

The protein diet slimming: recipes for the menu

Decide to sit down on a diet rich in protein, many immediately arises in the mind the image of boring for breakfast, lunch and dinner consisting of dry chicken breast and a pair of lettuce leaves. In fact, the menu of diet can also be delicious. Here are some interesting recipes, which occupy a space on your desk and will give you an incredible taste sensation.

Egg cream soup

The protein diet slimming


  • Fillet of chicken – 400 grams.
  • Spinach – 400 grams.
  • Eggs – 2 pieces.
  • The skim milk – 150 ml.
  • The spices and salt to taste.


  • Meat to boil in water with a bay leaf and spices favorite.
  • Ready-to-fillet cut into small pieces.
  • In the chicken broth, cook it in advance washed and prepared spinach until cooked.
  • Combine in the bowl of a mixer with the broth, the spinach, the meat, pre-cooked eggs, milk, and grind until smooth.
  • Pour on the kitchen table and serve, decorate with greens and half of the quail eggs.
  • A hearty lunch is ready. Good appetite.

Cheese omelet


  • Grain cottage cheese – 100 grams.
  • The whites of eggs – 3 pieces.
  • Chives – 3 of the pen.
  • The dill and salt to taste.


  • The protein of eggs slightly, add salt and beat until the formation of a green framework, beautiful foam.
  • Cottage cheese and combine with dill, lightly seasoned with sea salt and beat with a mixer until a nice creamy state.
  • Marc, slow movements in a direction introduce weight cottage cheese in protein and knead well.
  • Spread the prepared dough in a baking dish, sprinkle with finely shredded green onion and cook it in the warming room, the education is nice and golden brown.

Cheese cheese

Cheese cheese


  • White cheese 0% — 200 grams.
  • The juice of a lemon – 50 ml.
  • The starch -2 tablespoons (take the corn).
  • Apple – 1 pcs.
  • Proteins – 5 pcs.
  • Egg yolk – 2 pieces.


  • The apple clears the skin and grind in the mixer.
  • The potato mass, add the white cheese, the juice of citrus fruits, starch, and yellow. Everything is carefully knead, working the mixer.
  • Proteins beat in a bowl until soft peaks form. Attention introduce the weight of cottage cheese.
  • Spread the mixture in a baking dish, previously moistened with water, and send it in the oven for about half an hour at 180 degrees.
  • Ready cheese to throw on a nice dish and cut the party to pieces. An excellent dessert dietary ready.

The choice of the protein diet as a method of slimming is the ideal solution for any woman. Even if there are counter-indications, you can always choose the most appropriate option (proteins, carbohydrates, the regime of Ducane etc) from several varieties of this diet methodology. We are going to lose weight delicious, a beautiful property, the result is guaranteed.