Slimming diet

The diet is a great option for those who have decided to lose weight quickly and effectively, without wasting too much effort. Many different plans. They will all have a different impact on your body. Therefore, before choosing a plan, pass a medical exam and read the tips on the power of personal experience. In this section of the site, you'll be able to only proven, effective methods to lose weight with special diets.


Some plans is easy and simple to follow, because their menu is balanced and varied. The result of these plans appears not immediately but can last for several years. Other plans the hardest, but provide quick results, but for sure it will take little time. A good diet should take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. It is very important to fill out all of the recommendations of the plan and put it on the whole. Then, you expect a positive result. If you will not give, you carefully read a watch, you'll soon become the owner of the beautiful and slim body.

The list of good diets to lose weight effectively, vegetables and hearty diet.

Today, almost every woman is concerned about the problem of weight loss. In the pursuit of the perfect body of a young girl to mistreat him-even serious, unnecessary, and often harmful diets, and spend many hours of his time in the gyms. But the good shape, you can get, and the most simple of ways. Unfortunately, most people don't think necessarily because of its completeness and choose the plan. In fact, the plan must choose a doctor-nutritionist taking into account the peculiarities of Your body. I suggest getting familiar with the two diets that help you lose weight without harming the body.


In the morning before breakfast drink a glass of water. For breakfast, a salad of apple, pear and citrus, rechargeable, low-fat yogurt. For lunch and dinner eat a salad of vegetables (you can use all the vegetables, except the potatoes), rechargeable, lemon juice and olive oil. In the course of the day allowed to drink non-fat kefir. In addition, the need for large quantities of drinking water, and also will be useful of green tea.

The "Fed"

For breakfast eat a sandwich of rye bread with butter, as well as the apple and the banana. For lunch a few potatoes from the fire and a slice of low fat cheese. For dinner, boil 50 grams of chicken and cook the vegetable salad. The main rule of this diet is to drink plenty of water, and each time before eating, eating salad, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers and leaves of lettuce. Rechargeable salad with lemon juice and spices. Through these plans, You can in a short time to bring to your body in order not to expose the body to severe stress. But it must be remembered that, regardless of what You eat, the result would not be complete without the sport. Sport and healthy food is a guarantee of the beautiful form.

Not to do during a diet and do not harm your health.

The decision to go on a diet, rather leads to despair, rather than a personal desire to be beautiful. Often, losing weight too time and power to sit on the short-term, limiting itself to eat, and after the plan begin, there is, which leads to even more grand with the addition of weight. Very often, the people who come to the gym, trying to extort the coach of any soon effective a diet, in order to quickly and in a short period to reset all of the excess. In fact, the more easy to eat the week of the carrot, as the time to eat properly and to align their health. But they forget or do not imply that you can lose weight delicious and wisely. And if all of this is combined with exercise, the result is beautiful! It is necessary to remember that the body, a lot of jokes does not forgive, and during the reading of the power supply, it will offer You new lost pounds in too, but already with a bonus.

The first error. I want to tell you about a very poor diet, which is considered fast if the weight loss. It is the end of a regime. You drink only water, herbal teas, yogurt, kefir. The girls even do not involve damage to the self and to the stomach, they are ominous! You do not receive the right vitamins, which causes problems with thinking, movement, occurs a lack of energy. Thus, the stomach does not work properly, not being dense food, which can lead to very serious problems, up to the ulcer. And then, when You will want to return to a normal diet, You can't do that because that will hurt the stomach, the severity, and other problems. Do not forget that the nature has given us teeth to chew! Then the digestion of the food that is already happening in the mouth, it is necessary for the normal functioning of the stomach, and gastric juices! Very You informed of this plan!

The second error. Someone, someone, once said, that there was a rule of the energy value, that you must adhere to, it is 1200 kcal. It is delirium! Each person has his own energy value, which it must adhere. It can be inferred from any online table. The young girl with a growth of 1.75 and a girl with a growth of 1.50, will never be able to consume the same amount of calories. Also, don't forget that the softness in the amount is not included. Only products that are useful and are not harmful. The third error. Those are the rumors on how to lose weight quickly, it is necessary to dry. This means that you need to limit the water consumption of 0.5 litre. In any case, so don't do it! These are athletes and the events. Don't push in the head as the weight of the water increases. Our body is composed of 80% water, and if we go to him this water to look for, it can be the result of a loss of consciousness, or of the hospital bunk beds! Do not torment yourself, and do not go to these sacrifices!

night food

The tricks and secrets of diets to lose weight.

Perhaps, every girl dreams of the beautiful, slim and toned silhouette. This is particularly important before the beach season or before a few major holidays, Birthday, New year, 8 March. In effect, therefore, it is important to look into the new, reflecting all the benefits of a dress or be the most beautiful on the beach. To achieve success, certainly not do without a good plan. It is thanks to it, you will be able to achieve harmony and lightness, will be able to train your body to the reduction of the consumption of food, and as a consequence of the progressive loss of weight and the maintenance of a good level. With the help of this article, You will discover a few small, but very effective ways of reducing weight through diet. And so, we'll start. First of all, almost all diets are based on the separate power supply and are based on the principle - the principle, not of confusion when receiving a set of carbs and protein. This means that for a single meal, You can eat carbohydrates or protein n'. The second secret is that you have to consume foods often, BUT in small portions. Get in the habit of measuring the quantity of the food, for example, of a small glass.

The third item in our collection of tips and tricks, there is a point just about the dishes from which You eat. Have you ever thought that it is Your brain, on an equal footing with Your stomach sends signals of hunger? If You are faced with a huge plate and it is even quite a portion of food, Your brain sends a signal to eat a little and it would be good to try something else. Therefore, try to eat exclusively of the small dishes, for example a beautiful saucer or plate a small spoon. This way You will be able to trick your brain and teach your body that You have enough food on the plate. Fourth point, we would like to emphasize that both the aesthetic of the food. If in front of You in a pile dumped by the chicken pieces, potatoes and another salad, You will not receive aesthetic pleasure from the consumption of food, and therefore of the satisfaction of the food. If You are beautifully decorate your main course, in addition to the pleasure of serving and the food, You enjoy the view of the kitchen and as a consequence of the extent of limiting to less food. Well, in the end, the last, the fifth, the secret of success of loss of weight is always in a good mood, enough physical activity and, of course, Love!

The effects of diets and food tips eating well, in order not to harm the figure.

A lot of women want to look good, to please men, and had recourse to various schemes which are detrimental to the organism, leading to diverse consequences. Only is there a lot of opportunities not to be a torturer and to show in front of the other. On this, we're going to talk about in our article. Now, it is very fashionable to look at in an orderly way, looking at the covers of magazines, the models without a single default in relation to the form. And this is why young girls aspire to be like them, while applying the most painful of the action, leading your body to a state of famine, depriving himself of the ability to eat normally. But it results in dangerous consequences, which it is very difficult to get rid of:

  • Occurs the infringement of a metabolism and subsequently develops cachexia (exhaustion), which sounds suspiciously like.
  • Because the body is having an insufficient intake of nutrients occurs a weakness that leads to dizziness and reduced immunity to disease.
  • You receive a very poor mood and irritability, as well as insomnia.
  • Lost the concentration in the resolution of some problems because of the starvation of the tissues of the brain.
  • During the execution of the case, suffer the nails and the hair, which economic brittle and relaxed.
  • Do not think that after the interruption of the process of famine in the future, you will be eating and not recover, usually as a result of such violation from the consumption of food in the body half of the attempts to satisfy the needs of the stocks and the appetite, ignites even more, so there is a risk of adding very much unnecessary kilo.
  • Finally, all of these victims can have a negative effect on your life, so do not take the risk.

To look in the good form optional to force you to a hunger strike, you just need to follow a few tips that will help you in the future:

  • Don't lose your time to cook many resorted to the use of products such as fast food (noodles and the potatoes instant, and many more), which leads not only to an accumulation in the body of harmful substances, and metabolic disorders and naturally enhance the weight loss. So eliminate them from your diet.
  • Eat small portions, but often the food could easily digested in the stomach and remind you that you have all the chew carefully, slowly.
  • Make it a habit to eat at 18: 00 or 19: 00, if of course someone does not work, it is 4 hours before bedtime do not push the food in your stomach, not back into his body extra pounds, because at night we sleep and we rest, and the calories are not burned, but only add.
  • Eat less sweet, fat and cooked, I'm not saying just give up these dishes, but just not load them, so you don't look at yourself in the mirror with a sad sight.
  • Well, and a lot of eating fruits and vegetables - they are not rich in calories and also useful.

The diet is famine, one of the methods of purification of the body and improve the functioning of the brain.

Fasting has been known since ancient times. It was one of the healing methods for the primitive people. It took several hundreds of years, man continues to suffer from hunger, by chance, having received an injury or illness. The practice of the famine, was founded not only as a method to clean the body, but as the spiritual purification and restoration. The great Pythagoras before, as to allow his students to study the sciences were asked to refrain from eating for a month. It was believed that the prolonged fasting purifies and elevates the spirit towards the heights. With the good, moderate starvation is erased body, restores health, and the spiritual sphere of the man. Now, in the modern world, with the famine, man has used medicinal plants.

A way to verify the positive impact of the famine on the human there are three days of fasting. After the expiration of 72 hours improve the functioning of the brain. Previously, deriving not the task will be simple and clear. Becomes acute memory, to recall the names, the places, the small details of events that have been forgotten a few years. One of the major objectives of the person is the development of the intellect, the spiritual development of factor and self-improvement. The conclusion that the application of the famine, acts positively on the man in many directions, going on the recovery of physical, intellectual, growth, and spiritual purification.

Regime "favorite". comments and the power.

A beautiful body – this is the dream, it seemed to me, always. Since childhood I was chubby, but in my childhood, I'm not afraid, just tells me that I am so well. At 13 years old I already started to think that I look at, not as well as my friends. To him, has already begun to make advances of the boys, but not me, they could afford to wear a little shorts, and I'm not. Soon I became very tight and shy, even if I liked boys, then I was pushing again, as felt very thick and felt uncomfortable. I started starving yourself, but it is up to no good did not lead, since a few days one of water, I load and consequently, more excess pounds. And it lasted a very long time. Then I decided that the best course will be to comply with the plan. A lot of diets, I've tried, but the result has not been satisfied, the weight is gone again, but not as we would like.

And now, I want to share a diet that has helped me a lot. I was sitting on it 4 months and she has lost 19 kg of This diet, without doubt, known for a lot of girls, it is called "Favorite". With it, I have gained self-confidence! Stay on it very simple, as the consumer, you can make various. The first month, I ate very little, but many had drunk the liquid. The more I took them in secret based on vegetables and fruits, and protein a day ate only a chicken breast. On the second month, I added eggs once per week, potatoes once per two weeks. In the fourth month, I am still allowed porridge in the morning, twice a week. But mostly, what I want to say, the desire to lose weight must come from the heart. A little bit of willingness on the must have a great desire!