How to lose weight quickly.

Most people know that fast weight loss is bad for your health, but sometimes, people close their eyes, trying to get rid of excess weight at the next party. What is it, a quick way to lose weight, and it is necessary to do to prevent the return of weight in the shortest possible time.


How to lose weight correct and very fast

Good and fast slimming – different things. Good weight loss is a long process, calculated on the measure of weeks, months, or years, depending on the number of pounds, which have been recruited, and that you want to lose. Fast weight loss is generally bad for the health, mood and self-esteem. Lost in a few days, the pounds come back at the speed of lightning, grabbing even a few pounds and are permanently attached. If, however, the fastest goal to lose weight, to clean it is not more than two or three kilos before an important event and enter the more expensive the dress, you can take the risk. The weight lost all back, but during the feast of the woman would appear in all its glory. It is important! Shed excess weight quickly is possible, but the consequences can be unpredictable.

Emergency power slimming

Additional slimming is usually:

  • a person (woman or man) sits down on a starving diet for a week before the important event;
  • lose a kilo or two in the early days, sometimes resists all the time;
  • immediately after the event returns to the former mode of life;
  • take the weight lost and a little higher;
  • again sit on a diet.

All of this is wrong. Two, three and more pounds can you get rid of without racking hunger, but not in the short term. There are several types of short-term (strong) schemes or power plans. Here this might help you:

  • the diet of buckwheat (people for several days, drink the water and eat the buckwheat without salt);
  • a liquid diet (allowed to drink fruit juice, tea and water);
  • the protein diet (in the diet low-fat varieties of birds, fish, and meat, a few vegetables, green).

Attention! Quick weight loss is always related to the severe limitation of carbohydrate foods and cutting calories. It is recommended to drink more fluid. Before any diet and it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor, it is especially important if there are temporary problems of health and chronic diseases. On the time of the weight loss, you need to remove from your diet all foods that are highly caloric:

  • sugar-containing beverages (fruit juices, alcohol, soda);
  • fatty dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese weight, cheese);
  • flour products (bread, pastries, and other);
  • sweets (candy, chocolate, chewing gum with sugar);
  • meat products manufacturing factory (sausages, ham, sausages, and other). They contain a large amount of fat and additives, to delay the liquid. And they increase the appetite.
the food

In order not to cause harm, the trouble to consult a doctor, and in no case do not sit on a water. You can't cut calories up to 1000 kcal per day.

This type of workout will help you lose weight quickly

The good slimming must be complete. The fastest and a safe way to lose weight is to combine a sporting activity to the limit of nutrition. How to lose weight quickly, if you can't walk in a group or in individual sessions with a trainer in a fitness club? What to do if a person can not and does not want to help? The answer is simple: you can choose the exercises at home. They are good, that:

  • you can treat at any time of the day and even in the morning, only focusing on the time in the clubs;
  • not need time to travel to places of the profession, and from there to the house;
  • there is no reason to skip classes.

Fast help lose weight of cardio training (run, walk fast), the function of training (work with its own weight and small loads in the form of a specific equipment), strength training (weight lifting). But not all are recommended for beginners and people significant overweight. If a person previously did not take part in sport, but the exercise is worth the effort with its own weight or choose cardio. People who are overweight, which exceeds the normal 20 kg, it is recommended that only fast walking. Of the race are going to suffer knee and lower back. Today, the internet offers many independent training, which are designed for all the preparation and at any time. But, before you start blindly do what the screen shows you a professional coach, is to assess its capabilities and state of health. You can treat the condition of good health and absence of contra-indications.

The abdominal exercises, push-ups, jumps and squats will not reduce the weight in a short period of time. In the first days after the unusual charge are going to have muscles, which, previously, were not involved in the life by a regular (may groans, legs, arms, back), they increase in size, the abdomen can and be a little less (the muscles come in tone), but the weighting is going to plunge in for a shock; the weight will be more. This occurs due to water retention in the tissue. Get rid of the excess liquid will not be easy. The reaction of each organism on the physical activity, individual and unpredictable.

On how you can lose weight in 2-3 days

On average, two or three days, a person can lose no more than two or three kilos. Depends on it's age and sex. The men, making weight loss more quickly than women's, teens or a child relieves instantly the weight, and here are the people after thirty years of struggle, even with two kilograms difficult. For more information. The man, whose weight is in the normal range, two or three days can not lose weight. The reasons for this – the individual characteristics and banal "more to lose weight nowhere". It is important to note that the first two to three days comes out a liquid that is contained in the tissues. The fat is not completely lost. Once the diet is finished, everything is thrown will return in a few days. People with hormonal disorders, the weight of which is governed not only by strength of will, but used by day calories, so little time (two to three days) are usually very low: not more than one kilo, if that is possible.

Schedule for each day

Wishing for someone to lose a few pounds quickly, experts advise to obtain the peer, the burden of a commitment and buy a notepad. More often than not, a regime overthrew the loved ones and family members. First of all, they will say that nothing should be done, and, secondly, to try delicious dishes to lose weight, are prohibited. So, here's a tip: it is necessary to find the person who will encourage throughout the diet and will not deviate from its path.

the training

How can you lose weight quickly, adhering to a plan

The plan was easy and imperceptibly, it is recommended, it is the time to plan. You can call it "lose weight fast" and write in a notebook everything what it takes.

It is:

  • it is recommended to record your starting weight, although sometimes a better indicator of his loss of used clothing. The simplest thing and the only real climb on the scale this morning after the hygiene procedures and taking of meals;
  • during the first few days of the diet has not been terribly hungry of the restriction of calories from the food, hardly eating at least five to six times per day. To do this, in the schedule to the trouble of taking the time of breakfast, lunch and dinner, at which there should be a maximum amount of food and calories, and a couple of rankings.

This type of workout will help you lose weight quickly

  • 9:00 – breakfast;
  • 12:00 – overshot or undershot;
  • 14-15 – lunch;
  • 17:00 – food (it taste);
  • 19:00 – dinner.

Painted on paper of the meal (even if it is someone who has decided to sit on the unsalted buckwheat) are not afraid of so that the idea that there is nothing. It turns out that almost all day something to chew on. If the person decides to lose weight fast, try to find time for training at home, it is an estimate of the schedule it is easy to write for an hours lesson. For example, at the lunch break (if work or other things), sliding or clearing a snack, or after dinner. Super-motivated people for the first time able to exercise several times a day, and someone has can last for weeks and even months. For such training sessions has been an expert, you must follow certain rules: do not eat before you do the junk food or not eating at all, and don't take the food within two hours after training. These emergency measures, to adhere to such a plan can be that a certain number of days in the year, but there are people that such a mode of love, so that they comply, at all times.

How to prevent weight back

For more information. A question, how to prevent the return of weight is also popular as a dilemma, how to lose weight quickly. The answer on this one: don't go back to the old way of life which was the plan. The short diet are bad because they are short-term. Dropping a number of kilos, is being placed in the right dress or suit, the man instantly loses the motivation, exhale and begin to eat exactly the same as before. The weight lost is back, the balance will show more, the dress is still a time does not suit you, the suffering of the man, begins to engage in self-flagellation: still decides to die of hunger, but the body rebels against. It is not simply do not give compounds grams, but stores a few kg above, in the case of a new plan not to hurt me. To prevent the return of weight lost during short-term emergency power supply, you can:

the result
  • do not go back to the old way of life, do not eat as before, but make a stay in the diet, it is a bit of a boost entering the number of calories;
  • do not give up on the workout, and find time for them in life, when the end of the motivation;
  • do not consume meals, from which it has been decided to give a time. In a fast-food, calorie "bombs" type of chocolate bars, smoked sausage, chips and sugary soft drinks there is nothing good. And it will be wonderful if all or they disappear from the life, or will appear, it is rare, in other words, the exceptions;
  • not to come on the fatty, the salty and the sweet on the day after the end of the plan;
  • limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages. A glass of dry wine for dinner, there will be nothing wrong, but if these lenses a lot, if they appear regularly on the table, and then in the stomach, the result will be the same: weight gain due to excess calories liquids. In addition, drinking a little alcohol, the person ceases to control the amount of food and eats more than what was provided.

To summarize the foregoing, it should be noted the following: losing weight quickly is possible, but each perceives the speed of the process. Someone has it to lose two kilos in two days, to another, even to ten two months. To lose weight in a short time, requires considerably limit the amount of alcohol consumed per day, calories and to increase their consumption, adding daily high-intensity training.