How to lose weight in a week

Question, how to lose weight in a week, we usually ask, when an urgent need to prepare for the event. Then, the body is subjected to strain: express plans slimming, assiduous in the practice of sports, medicines for cleaning the stomach and other of all sorts of ways. Of course, due to the short-term not to get rid of the large mass, but lose 3 and 7 kg is quite realistic. To lose weight fast, you must apply a set of methods, consisting of physical exercise, good nutrition, long walks in the open air and sleep.

The slimming and weight loss diet at home can cause side effects, such as depression, metabolic disorders, the worsening of mood. This is only possible if approach to the slimming process in the light and deplete the body of starvation. In fact, sometimes it is enough simply to renounce harmful products for useful, and you don't have to sit alone on the water, or drinking diuretics. Before you choose an appropriate diet, do not forget that the loss of weight in a short period of time can interfere with the proper functioning of the internal organs. It is best to set small goals actual (2 – 3 kg) and approach borrowed gradually.

How to lose weight in a week without diet?

To lose weight in a week without diet, need to limit your calorie intake. Give preference to five times the nutrition as well as the frequency of meals, in small quantities, contribute to the rapid metabolism. If you don't like counting calories during a meal, add the thinness in the product menu there is a negative to the calorie content. This means that they produce a large amount of energy, which is favourable to the fast burning. The products refers to green, the crops of vegetables, berries and fruits, spices.

The best way to lose weight without diet – a good diet. Review your menu and give up the junk food, cooked production. Eliminate sugar, fat, fried, flour, sugar and foods with preservatives. Nutritionists recommend eating 5 times per day 2 to 3 hours.

The vegetable food increases the elimination of toxins, the fact of losing weight fast. Meat products to eat during a low-fat diet of meat and fish.

For quick weight loss, a motivation that is important. Remember, as comfortable without a big belly, and as it is important that you dress a couple of sizes less. The more often look in the mirror and, to measure the volume of a band. Once you see the first quick result the slimming is no longer the desire to return to old eating habits.

Effective diet for weight loss

You have an urgent need to enter in a beautiful dress, and you don't know where to put a few extra pounds, pay attention to your diet. From an overabundance of calories and lack of exercise of the size quickly new centimeters. If you ever feel that you can lose weight in a week, so the time is ripe for emergency of weight loss. You will need to limit your card to get a super sleek silhouette.

What are the plans slimming the most effective?

  • Extra slimming 10 kg may be on the kefir diet. It is very popular because it is considered as useful for the microflora of the intestine. To vary the menu, you can, on the first day of potato-fire", during the second day, the white cheese, the third day of fruit, in the fourth day of chicken cooked chicken breast, and on the fifth day – vegetables. On the sixth day, take a dump and drink mineral water. On the seventh day, with the exception of kefir in the menu to add a small amount of fruit.
  • If you do not know where to quickly turn excess of 7 kg, you move closer to buckwheat diet for weight loss. This is a hearty low calorie a product that can get rid of the sensation of hunger. The weekly menu is composed only of cereals without additives. Vary the menu can be low fat yogurt and at the end of the week, several pieces of prunes. The advantage of a regime that it has almost no contra-indications and nutrition, even people with intestinal disease.

It is easier to lose weight on a menu? You offer an approximation of the plan of the week, which helps quickly to lose 7 kg

The timing of the slimming Products Drinks
Monday: vegetable of the day cooked vegetables, cooked or raw tea ginger, water
Tuesday: day of the meat 3 times per day from the lean meat 250 grams (chicken or rabbit cooked) water, herbal tea
Wednesday: the carbohydrates of the day fruit, yogurt water, tea, coffee with sugar
Thursday: soup day barley soup, soup, soup of vegetables mineral water, water, tea or coffee
Friday: a day of fish the fish and a few vegetables kefir
Saturday: meal day the patties and buns in moderation the water
Sunday: vegetables of the day potatoes, vegetables, condiment ginger tea, coffee

The people who have the will and the overwhelming desire to go to the end, you can try to rapid the jejunum diet", it really is lose weight 7 kg in a week. It is a european system slimming, calculated on the low content of calories to the card.

The menu is calculated on seven days:

  • 1 litre of fresh milk, herbal teas, mineral water.
  • 200 g low-fat cottage cheese, sugar-free natural juice.
  • Of the mineral water.
  • Without sugar, the juice and the 4 potatoes, cooked "in the fire".
  • 5 apples, water.
  • Cooked chicken breast without salt (a small piece), 800 ml of juice.
  • 1 litre of kefir.

To quickly get rid of 3 kilos and cleanse themselves of cholesterol and free radicals will help to oatmeal diet to lose weight. Before you begin a diet, you must first clean the body of toxins from the boiled rice. To do this, prepare a kind of jelly-c-4. l. rice and a litre of water. Drain the liquid can not be. The mixture needs to drink and for 5 hours with nothing to eat. After the purification procedure, the power board must be the oat flour. You can eat a little fruit, except grapes and bananas.

The Plan of loss of weight are prohibited to pregnant and lactating women. Quickly get rid of a few pounds, without prejudice to the health of the mother and the baby to help good balanced diet.

Note that the slimming diet on a product, you can observe not more throughout the week, according to the instructions, otherwise you will start the dysfunction of the body. But it is possible to quickly lose a few inches in volume. With the exception of oats and buckwheat weight loss diet popular diet is considered as the cucumber, cheese and carrot.

We will choose the physical exercises

The time to lose weight in a week at home and improve the tonicity of the skin with the help of physical exercises. The fat burning process will be quick, if you increase the consumption of energy of the body.

The Exercise Bend

You offer simple exercises, capable of driving the body quickly in order.

The exercise "Bend" to improve the state of your thighs. Take a dumbbell, put your feet wider than shoulders, keep the back flat. Crouch at this level, when the knees form a right angle relative to the ground. Then, continue twisting of the body. Repeat 12 times.

The exercise "Combo slots also correct thighs and buttocks. Standing, take a dumbbell and made of slots of the front, in turn building on the right and the left leg. The back should remain straight and the hands slide to the leg, which has remained in a bent position. Just 3 exercise 10 times.

The year "Mahi feet allow you to get rid of cellulite. Put yourself in a position to stop lying", straighten your arms and legs, feet connect. During the year, try to keep the pelvis is not raised. Alternatively make mahi-foot-10 to 16 times a foot. Do 3 exercises.

An exercise of the "Twist" helps to lose weight in the belly and sides. Lie on your back, bring the legs and place the hands behind the head. The lifting of the footSlowly remove the shoulders on the floor, lingering in this position for 3 seconds and lower. Try not to pull the elbows toward the front and follow the breath. The chin should be lifted. Do the exercise 10 times 2 approach.

To treat the abdominals lie on your back and lift your legs up. Do the exercise 10 times, watch out for pace.

In a week, you can get a visible result with the help of rope jumping, jogging, and exercises with a hula-Hoop. Exercise 30 to 40 minutes per day.

Heavy weight contribute to delay of water in the body, and increase of volume. If you want to lose weight in a week, limit aerobic exercise.

With the exception of exercise, nutrition and diet remember to drink mode. You must drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

Excess weight in children

It is extremely important to monitor the weight of children, especially the extra inches on the size of concern to young girls, who, to lose weight quickly, in the secret of their parents ' drink of the pill, hunger and exhaust hard bodies, diets to lose weight. Overweight children a threat to health. The body is not yet mature, the authorities have not been permanently. This can lead to deformation of the spine, heart problems, metabolic disorders, psychological malaise, and complex. If the excess weight that you observe in a child up to 3 years, it is necessary to immediately consult a therapist, because choosing a diet for weight loss safe for the body is impossible.

The main enemies of growth and the emerging of the organism – the sweets, meats, fried foods, and junk food. The main task of parents – to explain to the kids why these products, it is best not to drink, and, of course, eliminate the card from the family. If you have already met the overweight in the child, not the punishment of sitting on a diet to lose weight. Teach your children to fractions in a healthy diet, engage in fitness, loads, and physical exercises, controlling, for sleep duration is not less than 8 hours, and the outdoor walks have taken place as often as possible, and the weight loss will not wait.

To achieve the results in weight loss of the child, start with you. Review a family friendly menu, stop buying harmful products and try to spend more time together in the open air and in athletic training.

For the good organization of the power of the child to clean fast carbohydrates (sweets and breads) and fats (meats and meat). Also, try to limit the consumption of calories of the side dishes, this means that the potatoes and the pasta, you can eat, but no more than 2 times per week. Add to the menu more fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Try to make snacks of the most helpful, invite the cucumbers, carrots, radishes. Remember, in any case, you can not the child of any age to sit on a diet to lose weight. Also, the food must be regular, in order not to disrupt the functioning of the stomach. The physical activity should be in moderation. The workout is exhausting against the young body. If you follow these simple rules, you will not have to think about where to put the extra pounds of children, and to compose a separate menu.


As we see, lose weight in a week quite possible, if you change your lifestyle, get rid of bad habits and balancing the menu. You can choose and extreme methods of weight loss, but do not forget that they have far-reaching consequences. That premature detach, and return to usual life, or take care of diseases of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular or the endocrine system, the better to choose the best option to the consumption of useful products and sessions of sport. Don't forget that you have need of a result at the end of a week, so please be patient, this is not a great length of time.

"When I need to lose weight quickly, I first do a day of fasting in the yogurt, and then try to eat only cereals, which fill with water for the night. The more a diet is that you can in the menu toggle buckwheat, rice, corn and oat cereals, as well as clean the intestines, and to get trace elements with vitamins, which are beneficial for the body."

"I have helped to lose weight fast 10 kg of raw. I'm glad that time has learned about nutrition, because the other plans I did not come up. The only thing, if the lack of motivation, easy to break, without obtaining the desired results. Just need to think of a menu and recipes in advance and throw all the food in the refrigerator."

"I'm often sitting on different diets, and I always manage to lose weight fast for a time. But then, I relax, and still need to restrict your diet and doing a diet. To him was dedicated the most effective buckwheat diet, just a week, you can lose up to 7 kg