Minus 10 kg per week on a watermelon diet

We like the beautiful striped watermelon not only for its taste, but also for the figure. A watermelon diet will help you lose weight, get rid of toxins. Minus 10 kg. for a week - a nice bonus you can get by watching it.

watermelon for weight loss

Losing weight on a watermelon diet will help cleanse the body. The use of such a fasting diet is useful from time to time to all people who want to lose weight and "flush" the gastrointestinal tract.

The benefits of berries

Watermelon is a very useful product:

  • Unlike other methods of losing weight, in which there is a lack of nutrients, the diet will enrich the body with the necessary potassium and vitamins C, A, PP, B1, V2, V6. . . If you eat at least 150 grams of watermelon per day, you will get your daily dose of magnesium.
  • Food restrictions are very easy to follow, even for those who have a hard time refusing to eat. It gives a feeling of satiety and the loss of extra pounds occurs due to the elimination of fluids from the body, in addition, body fat decreases. The fruit works well for kidney disease.
  • Its pulp is rich in fiber, which is good for the intestine, normalizes digestion.
  • Seeds will also be useful, they can get rid of worms.
  • In acute and chronic liver disease, berry juice will help remove toxins from cells.

This is one of the most dietary foods. The calorie content per 100 grams is only 38 kcal.

Watermelon is often used to treat cystitis, as it eliminates pathogenic E-coli bacteria from the bladder. It is advisable to include fruit in the gout menu. The magnesium and iron contained in the berry are effective in treating anemia, and folic acid is good for health in atherosclerosis.

Cons of watermelon weight loss

Despite all the positives, a watermelon diet can harm the body:

  • Numerous reviews claim that the technique leads to weight loss of 10 kilograms per week. But the main drawback is an increased load on the urinary system. Complications can occur if there are kidney stones. With such a diagnosis, even a day of fasting on a watermelon should be carried out only after consulting the doctor.
  • The sugar content in the pulp is 75% (for comparison, in the glucose it is 100%), so the berry should be used with caution by people with diabetes.
  • The main disadvantage of such a diet (like many other diets) is the lack of fats and proteins necessary for the body in the pulp.
  • Mono diets are accompanied by weakness and poor health. This is why they should be observed for a few days, even if the results are very encouraging.

It should be remembered that the weight loss on this food system is largely due to the diuretic effect of the product. Watermelon is made up of 90% water.

how to choose a ripe watermelon

Choose a ripe watermelon

  1. The best times to lose weight with berries are August and September. It is during this period that the fruit is the most ripe and delicious.
  2. Pay attention to where the watermelon is sold. If you buy from the market, keep the tray in an elevated position. Lying on the ground, without litter, and even near the road, the fruits have already absorbed negative substances from the atmosphere.
  3. Swirl the berry, carefully examine it from all sides. There should be no scratches, cracks (even small ones), punctures and dents on the surface. The color of a ripe watermelon is uniform and bright. The rind of an unripe fruit can be easily pierced with a fingernail, and when rubbed, there is a pronounced smell of cut grass.
  4. Look for a bright yellow spot on the skin. It occurs at the point of contact of the growing fruit with the soil. If the speck shade is light or uneven, then you are dealing with an immature product.
  5. Not many people know that you can find ripe watermelon by the tail. In a useful berry, it is dry and breaks easily, and in an immature one it is completely absent (cut by unscrupulous sellers) or soft.
  6. If you knock on a ripe fruit, the sound will come back clear and clear, which cannot be said of an unripe or already overripe watermelon.
  7. Look for a fruit that has a flattened underside and is indicated by a large brown circle. This is a girl. "It is believed that they are sweeter and tastier. But the male berry has a convex bottom and a small brown spot.
  8. And of course, always ask for quality certificates when buying. For ripe and properly grown watermelons, the card indicates the place of sowing and harvesting, the date of harvest and the vitamin composition.

A ripe fruit cut should be moderately bright, without extraneous nuances and light veins. Remember that the flesh of a ripe fruit is rough, not smooth. To protect yourself and your family 100%, try not to eat watermelon to the rind, because it is in the tissues adjacent to it that all the nitrates are contained.

Types of diet

There are several types of diets. You need to select them based on the number of excess kilograms:

  • Hard type watermelon program. We observe it for no more than 7 days. No special preparation is required before starting. The main food is only watermelon and water, it is strictly forbidden to eat other products. According to women's reviews, once a day you can afford to eat crackers or bread with bran (no more than 200 g), if it is very hard. Getting out of this type of diet should be taken seriously. The introduction of foods into the diet should be gradual. In the first days, we start eating fermented milk products, then we introduce vegetable purees, then porridge.
  • The easiest way to lose weight takes 10 days. We use the pulp 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. In addition to watermelon, the menu includes cereals, vegetables and fruit. Observing such a diet, according to reviews, you will say goodbye to 5 kilograms in 10 days. To consolidate the results, we finish the process correctly. We give preference to fermented dairy products, cereals, fish.
  • Free exhaust view. This diet is less effective, as the use of watermelon is provided only once a day, in the morning. This program guarantees a weight loss of 2-4 kilograms in 14 days. But numerous reviews of those who lose weight according to such a system indicate that the results are more persistent than when strict restrictions are observed.

For example, consider the menu for 1 day for the last method of losing weight:

Breakfast Pulp (about 0, 5 kg. )
The lunch Tea with 1 teaspoon of honey
Dinner Baked vegetables or vegetable soup
Afternoon snack 1 apple
Dinner Oatmeal with apples

Compliance with such a diet only once a year will help to stay fit for the rest of the time.

watermelon pulp for weight loss

Mixed options

Mixed diets have received great popularity and many positive reviews. They are based on the alternating consumption of watermelon and permitted foods. Here are some of them:

  • Bread and watermelon. According to reviews, this is the simplest diet of all. It is not difficult to resist it, because hunger pangs are not often tormented. So, the basis of the technique is black bread and watermelon. In a day you can eat 2 slices of flour, dried in a pan or in a toaster, and, in fact, a sweetened fruit (1 kg of watermelon per 10 kg of weight). The drinking ration consists of pure water, up to 1. 5 liters, and unsweetened tea. It is also allowed to supplement the menu with 1 piece of bread or an apple, but this is the last resort. The process lasts no more than 10 days and will delight you with the elimination of 8 kg.
  • Watermelon-buckwheat. This type of diet is calculated for 7 days. As a result, you can lose about 4 kg. The daily diet contains both berries and buckwheat, lean meat and vegetable salad.
  • Watermelon and kefir. This is an unloading diet for the body, which involves the alternation of pulp and 200 ml. kefir every 3 hours. Such a diet will cleanse the intestines, strengthen the immune system and improve kidney function. The result will be minus 3 kg. overweight. But you can "sit" on such a discharge schedule for no more than 3 days.
  • Cucumber and watermelon. This is a very interesting diet as it combines 2 similar foods. Cucumber and watermelon contain 90% water and are rich in nutrients. The result of following this weight loss method for 14 days will be clean skin and normalization of digestion. For 2 weeks, you can only eat 1 kg per day. cucumbers and 1 kg. pulp. A prerequisite is to drink plenty of fluids. According to reviews, the program is the most fruitful, in 2 weeks you can lose up to 15 kg.
  • Apple and watermelon. Another common type of diet. The bottom line is the alternation of watermelon and apple days. You should start with the berry. The volume is determined in 1 kg. watermelon 10kg. weight and not more than 1, 5 kg. apples a day. The diet is allowed no more than 10 days. This is a categorical rule, otherwise there is a great risk of harmful consequences for the body. The result will be a weight reduction of 7 kg.
  • Watermelon and rice. An unusual combination of products has a very positive effect. Weight with such a diet quickly disappears, but it is necessary to follow some rules. First, the proportions - a watermelon is calculated in 1 kg. pulp for 20 kg. weight loss; rice - up to 250 g per day. Secondly, the type of cereal: choose brown, steamed or wild. Normal glossy white will not work, as it does not contain the necessary vitamins. Third, a grocery set - limit your menu to rice and watermelon only. In extreme cases, with severe pangs of hunger and weakness, it is permissible to add berries and a little low-fat cottage cheese. You can keep this diet for 3-5 days.

This way of losing weight can meet all expectations. But the main thing to remember is that the most important thing is to get out of the diet. Lasts up to 10 days. And only correct completion will consolidate the result.

Days of unloading

For those who do not want to limit themselves to food for a long time and are reasonably afraid of monodiets, a day of fasting is suitable, which "takes away" 1 kg. excess weight. There are several options for observing this method:

  1. You can consume about 1. 5kg per day. watermelon pulp. We divide the total amount into 5-6 receptions. You just need to drink pure water or unsweetened tea.
  2. The second option is based on the prohibition of any liquid. During the day, you can eat only berries at the rate of 1 kg. pulp per 10 kg. weight.
  3. The third option provides about 2 kg. pulp and 2 pieces of semolina bread a day.
  4. The fourth type will really appeal to melon lovers. These days you can eat 1 kg. watermelon and about 0, 5 kg. melons.
how much watermelon to use for weight loss


One day of fasting on a striped berry, as a diet, has contraindications:

  • reduced immunity after illness;
  • high blood sugar;
  • a tendency to edema;
  • pregnancy;
  • stones in the kidneys.

Often those who are losing weight ask whether it is possible to include a watermelon in the menu of several methods. We answer: Protein, Keto, Maggi and the Ducan system can eat berries, but in moderation.

Is it possible for the night?

Many people choose this particular slimming product. However, because it is not only rich in antioxidants, it also removes excess fluids, toxins and toxins well. Diet watermelon is also not a bad option because it prevents the appearance of cancerous tumors, slows down the aging of the body and improves the condition of hair and nails.

There are no specific rules for choosing the time of day to eat a sweet fruit. It can be eaten in the evening, of course, in moderation. Some nutritionists believe that the evening is the right time for a watermelon meal, as at night the body renews itself and, in particular, the excretory system.

The opinions of those who have lost weight

Reviews of those who are losing weight are very different. Some women tolerate this type of weight loss easily without feeling hungry, others find it difficult. There are cases when the body reacts to the berry with swelling, flatulence. Those who ate only pulp during the fasting days felt a collapse.

Show patience and willpower, you will love the watermelon weight loss system! Minus 10 kg. in a week - the maximum discharge effect of a difficult, even grueling struggle, with excess weight and yourself.