The Regime Ducane

For many of the inhabitants of a country, a huge challenge is to lose weight. The fight with him some lasts long in life, someone who "floats" and there, lose and win again extra pounds, but some have achieved their ideal weight and keep it in place all the efforts, all the time. And for those who are tired of looking at over-the-top arrow of the balance and desperately sigh, unable to overcome the layer tissues on the belly and the cellulite on the thighs, there is universal salvation, and this is the diet Pierre Ducane. You have not heard about?

the plan

Yes, perhaps, it is everything, because it is popular in the old world, but other countries on it or don't know at all or have only small nuggets of information. This plan is the salvation of annoying rice, buckwheat, (cf and to other mono-diet, which gives the imaginary of the weight loss. The diet is varied, it is ideal for those who like to eat well, not too lazy to prepare your own meals. The motto of the diet: "eat as much as you want!". It is tempting, isn't it? It turns out that the food is not the enemy, aid in the fight against calories and fats, and this is very important.

A few words about the author of a scheme, it is necessary also to know the world, the savior of the extra pounds?! Pierre Ducane – famous French nutritionist, the doctor, who for 30 years has been actively engaged in the study of the products, their impact on the body. Working on the concept of food-related behavior, he was able to discover the secret of ideal weight as well as the path to its realization.

Pierre Ducane – author of 19 books, which are the fruits of his many years of experience and practice, but the most important is its miracle the best-selling book "I don't know how to lose weight", which was released in 2011, but is already actively reading all his fans, and those who wish to lose weight without harm to health and for ever! The book has been translated into several languages and sold in more than ten countries around the world.

Diet dr. Ducane is based on the consumption of foods rich in protein, which is easily absorbed by the body and helps to get rid of weight. By doing this, the body to clean, displays all the waste and toxins, the metabolism will work perfectly well. The main products of the diet is meat, fish, vegetables and above all the sound. The most attractive and persuasive is the duration of a regime, it depends on the amount of pounds of excess weight, the amount of time they will go away and the features of your body.

the regime ducane

Before the regime Ducane-to-be launched, it is useful to find an optimal weight to which to aspire. You can do it using services that are easy to find on the internet. You will be able to enter all the necessary parameters (the desired weight, the attempts of loss of weight, growth, pregnancy, and others) and get the perfect figure for you of weight. As you can see, all individually. In addition, you get a "ticker", which will help you to adhere to a plan, step by step: each step will be calculated based on the duration and the weight loss, it is very easy, you can control the duration of the weight loss. So, we move on to the step, who shares the regime Ducane. Only 4. More info about every.

Step n ° 1 under the name of "the Attack"

On the basis of name, we can understand that the attack will extra pounds, causing rapid and significant loss. It is the shortest and gradual period of regime doctor Ducane. Its duration is calculated as:

If the excess of 5 kg or less – "the Attack" is going to last a few days
Mark 5-10 kg superfluous? Then tackle kilogrammchik 3-5 days
If the excess of more than 10 kg, the phase lasts for 5-7 days, well, up to a maximum of 10

Eating in this period that the proteins: meat, fish, dairy products without fat products and eggs. During all this time, it may take up to 6 kg of weight without effort.

Now, more info about the product that we are going to attack the weight.

You can eat:

  1. All of the lean meats: veal, Kristina, beef, horse meat (of the meat, except steak and pileski), the rabbit. Pig-meat and sheep – taboo! Is prepared without a gram of oil.
  2. The liver, the kidneys, the lungs – the beef, veal, offal, as well as the tip of the tongue of beef.
  3. Any bird with the exception of duck and goose, always without the skin.
  4. Ham without the skin, the fat content of 2 percent to 4 percent.
  5. Any fish, regardless of the cooking method.
  6. The fruits of the sea.
  7. Eggs, but not more than 2 egg yolks, protein, you can at will. If you have cholesterol reduce the consumption of egg yolks to 3-4 per week.
  8. Dairy products without fat. You can also milk powder 0% fat, but not more than 3 tablespoons per day.

It is all worth it to cook without adding oil and fat, you can eat when you want, how much will increase, counting calories has no place.

Pierre Ducane

Some products of the money, to consume in moderation:

  • coffee and herbal teas;
  • the vinegar and the soy sauce;
  • the greens, the cumin, the maximum of fifteen bulbs per day, and other spices;
  • gelatin, baking powder, yeast, and agar-agar;
  • pair of the gherkin, you can use it as seasoning;
  • the juice of one lemon for the filling;
  • the salt and the mustard – a bit, otherwise the excess water will not go in the body;
  • zero calories sugar substitutes (no fructose, glucose and sorbitol, etc);
  • dietary drinks;
  • you can eat 8 stick;
  • as the oil of single use paraffin (1 tablespoon), it is not nutritious, envelope the intestines, to normalize its work, an improvement of the chair. Do not use for frying, do not heat, perfect – dressing to salads.

In all cases, be sure to:

1) Eat 1.5 c. l. oat bran per day
2) Easy to gymnastics and the daily 20-minute walk
3) Drink 2 liters of water (tea, coffee is regarded as)

If you feel an unpleasant taste in the mouth, the bad smell do not worry, this is absolutely not acceptable phenomenon that says you are on the right track. You can proceed to the second step.

The menu of Attack by day

Step # 2 – Alternating, or the Cruise

This phase lasts until the arrow of the scale does not show you the desired optimal number. The characteristic of this period is that protein days alternate with protein vegetables. The regime Pierre Ducane offers to choose you-even interleaving 1/1, 2/2 or 5/5. For people with a large excess of weight is desirable to respect the schema of 5/5, those who have a small excess of the optimal 1-to-1, therefore, the body and the easier it will be.

The list of forbidden vegetables (starchy and not only):

the attack

Avocados, beans, not green beans, peas, corn, potatoes, lentils, black and green olives, as well as all kinds of cereals and pasta. The artichoke is not identified to any group of products, therefore, its use is reduced to a minimum. All other vegetables, you can, here are the carrots and beets need to eat in small quantities, because they contain sugar. For more variety, you can include in the diet 1 tablespoon of tomato paste (ketchup), as well as yogurt 0% with fruit. For cooking, you can enjoy all the products of the "Attack" phase, which are there, he must eat in moderate quantities.

The innovations are the following:

1) the Sound is now eat 2 tablespoons per day.
2) If necessary, a c. l. of wheat bran to help with constipation.
3) The meal should be not more than 1 kg, to control this.
4) Water from the same 2l.
5) And walk now, it takes at least half an hour.

Thanks to the alternation of protein and vegetables, you allow to normalize the metabolism, the water goes out of the body, producing waste, toxins, fat, and salt. Once you notice that the arrow on the scale became the sacro-figure, it is better to proceed to the step entitled "Consolidation".

The menu of the Cruise per day

Step # 3 – "Consolidation" or "Fixing weight"


This phase will allow you to consolidate the results obtained and last, it will be calculating lost the kg That is to say, if you have lost the second leg 5 kg, then the Consolidation will last for 50 days, 10 kg – 100 days, etc, one arrives at a loss of kilo 10 days of the 3rd step. Having spent the previous two steps, you want diversity and something new? Please! Now, you can afford 40 grams of cheese, that contains not more than 40% fat in the dry matter. Less % of fat, more cheese, we can eat. You can also a couple of slices of rye bread, one unit of fruit (except bananas, cherries, cherries and grapes), you can and a few slices of watermelon or melon. As regards meat, it is now possible to eat the roast pork, bacon and lamb in any quantity.

And another couple of bonuses: now, you can once per week to focus on a portion of starchy foods, vegetables, as well as to organize "celebration of the stomach", which allows you to eat all of the first, a second and a dessert (aperitif, a glass of wine with the cheese). But all of this, you need to eat in one sitting, for breakfast or lunch. Now, do the division any phase of a half. For example, you need to adhere to the Consolidation of 80 days. The first part of 40 days, may be a portion of starchy foods and a "feast" in the week, and here are the 40 days, it is possible to enjoy food and eat starchy foods, or twice a week.

What we mean by the notion of starchy foods? Here is the list and the quantity allowed for the consumption:

  • - The pasta. You can eat about 220 grams. returning natural tomato paste with the onions, or for pretrazivati a little bit of Parmesan cheese.
  • - The whole wheat, as well as the couscous and the wheat bulgur and animals to the number of 200 gr.
  • - The lenses. It can be from 200 to 220 gr., it allows the stabilization of the weight is due to its content of slow carbs.
  • - Beans, peas and chickpeas leds are very nutritious, they can also a little.
  • - Rice and potatoes to eat very rarely, by small portions, 125 grams (potatoes necessarily in uniform). The brown rice, you can use and the number of 220 grams.
the result of the power

What is not:

  1. organize two pira consecutive
  2. require a complement – to have the sense of measure

Choose a day of the week, so to speak, to fulfill the protein, so that of all the additional calories could easily walk away from it and that day will always be the same, for example the Thursday. The sound now, it should be eating up to 2.5 c. l. in the day and the hike is not less than 25 minutes per day.

The menu of Fixation by day

Step N ° 4 – "Stabilization"

  1. Well, that's us, and has been gathered in the final phase under the name of "Stabilization." It has some rules, observing which you will not have the weight gain during the whole life, the important is just to respect them.
  2. Eat as before, but by controlling the amount of food. Better more protein and vegetables, not too much fruit, cheese, bread and starch, blélÀ the is products.
  3. Stay true to the unloading BAAlla new year to date, and the weight will never come back.
  4. The water is not less than 2l.
  5. Walk every day and 20 minutes.
  6. The more you walk, forget the elevators, escalators, and if you can, get out of the shuttle at the stop earlier/later and walking up to the house/work. Verify that it works!
  7. His need to eat 3 tablespoons in the day and every day.

Revenue for the regime Ducane

In the network, there are many recipes for the followers of the diet Ducane, and for that you did not think that it is boring and monotonous, try to cook several dishes.

Salad eggs

Take two cooked in a cool place eggs, batteries, green onion, nizkokaloriynuyu sour cream (kefir) and spices. Cooking is very simple: the eggs, cut into cubes, add to them the finely crumbled, onion, and a spoon and season with the crème fraîche, the salt and the turn is played, scented egg salad is ready.

The squash fritters salmon

Take half a kilo of zucchini and rub on a grater with large holes, which give the juice to drain out. In the meantime, we take 3 eggs, a few tablespoons of cornstarch and a bell pepper, mix everything, add the chopped salmon, and spices with the salt. This a homogeneous mass, mix with squash and make pancakes in teflon pan without oil. It is ready!

Three minutes xlBusek

You need to:

  • 2 tablespoons of oat bran and 1 tablespoon of wheat
  • pair of eggs
  • corn starch 3-4 c. l.
  • 2 tablespoons of yogurt
  • the bank of cottage cheese soft 0-1% fat
  • 1 sachet of chemical yeast

The starch and the sound is a little plant your favorites on proplliaem, add the yeast and mix well. In another container, mix the yogurt, eggs and cottage cheese. Unite, stop-and spread in the form. Cook for 20 to 30 minutes. Combines perfectly with the salmon of the weakness of the ambassador and cucumber.

Hake en papillote

Take the fillets of hake, dill pickle in the lemon juice, add the salt, spices for fish, different from the grass, wrap in aluminum foil and bake in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes.

Comments on the regime Ducane just excellent, a lot of women are in the spotlight of the age of a eye-popping of results, having lost 50! the kilogram and have found the form of young girls. Among men the number of comments on the regime of Ducane too bad, all those who sought to ideal weight get the desired result, and without feeling of psychological discomfort.

Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of diet doctor Ducane:

the emotions


  • in the early days can be increased fatigue is due to the appearance in the body of ketone bodies that reduce the appetite;
  • the lack of vitamins, will compensate for this ongletllirovidnye energy complex;
  • the lack of fat is still, that is why sometimes, you can add a little vegetable oil;
  • the regime Ducane may not like linashima to prepare the men;
  • not suitable for people with the amount of the intolerance of some products, the allergies and people with diseases of the stomach.


  • are used exclusively natural products useful;
  • absolute results, even when the resistance of the organism to the schemes;
  • an excellent motivation in the "Attack" phase, the weight quickly on the one hand;
  • delicious and healthy;
  • you can eat always and a lot;
  • the diet is very easy to stick, regardless of the home, you are working in an office or station.

Try it and you a miracle-the regime Pierre Ducane and evaluate the effectiveness!