Weight loss motivation for girls

Girl in great shape at the sea

Hello friends. Do you also admire photos of beautiful, fit and slender young people? Imagine how much effort and energy they spent to shed those extra pounds and look good. More importantly, these cover beauties had tremendous motivation to lose weight and gain amazing fitness.

I will share with you some secrets of motivation, applying them, you will change your life forever and you will never want to go back to old habits.

How do you find the motivation?

Do you remember which modern diets you know? And now answer honestly: do they motivate? Quite the opposite. Of course, proper nutrition and exercise programs will have a great impact on the external transformation of the body.

But a fragile and kind girl always needs a special motivation, for which it makes sense to strive. Let's think together how to find an additional source of incentive.

New dress (or jeans, suit)

After losing weight, the girl was able to put on a beautiful dress

Have you been dreaming of buying that dress from the window for a long time, but is it several sizes smaller? Well, it's time to make a deal. Imagine going home, hanging your dress in a prominent place and saying to yourself, "I'll do everything to look gorgeous in this light and inviting dress. I'm strong and I'm sure to lose weight. Can anyone stop me? I don't think so. "

Didn't your eyes light up after these words and a wild passion to change your life for the better? This method has helped some friends lose weight. However, this motivation didn't work for me. Expensive new jeans are still waiting in the wings and my sister struggles to take them away; ).

on a bet

Talk to your best friend or mom, you can get money or a precious gift. Tell your loved one that after 3 months you will look irresistible.

If you hear a slight laugh or see a puzzled look, then this is a great opportunity to rise to the challenge and prove what you are truly capable of. The main thing is that this is the opinion of an authoritative person for you.

Star of the beach

A trip to the beach is a great motivation for losing weight

Have you long wanted to go to the sea and have fun on the hot sand, but have constantly postponed the trip because of your figure? There is no need to buy expensive tickets to Thailand or Bali. Book tickets for a place close to the sea, and go there in six months. You will understand that after 6 months you will find yourself under the scorching sun, sunbathing and diving into the warm water.

I'm sure this will serve as an excellent motivation to tighten your figure and smile sincerely. As a bonus upon arrival, you can order a professional photo session.

Now let's talk about the most important areas of life.

Health First of all

Remember the famous proverb - "A healthy soul - in a healthy body"? Good health is very important to girls because they are expectant mothers! It is difficult to enjoy life when the head constantly hurts and the joints ache from the pain. We must always think about health, because it is our little inner laboratory of happiness and good humor.

Overweight people are prone to diabetes. The list of diseases can go on and on, but I suggest we dwell on the positives. Agree, health is a good motivation, for the sake of it you can and should try. It's so nice to meet with a smile every morning!

How important is appearance for an employer?

Slender girl in business suit

It's great if you have a good position in a reputable organization. But when a girl is in the process of looking for a job, her appearance plays an important role. When people see a whole person, associations arise on a psychological level that is not capable of self-control and self-organization.

The employer thinks of the following image in her head: "If a person cannot take care of himself, then how can he become a skilled worker"? Don't want a prestigious job with career options?

Imagine you are offered to show your skills abroad, for example in London or Rome. Feel like having a cocktail in sunny Miami in a few years? It may sound great now, but it can be done. The main thing is to start with yourself.

Happiness in personal life

You have long wanted to get close to a handsome man to meet and have fun, but are you shy? Most often this happens due to insecurity or being overweight.

A man who sees a plump girl, on a subconscious level, has the idea that her life is bad. It is during depression that appetite increases. Why does a guy need an eternally depressed soul mate? Set a goal for yourself: lose weight, keep your body in good shape, in general, do everything so that envious people even open their mouths in surprise.

Other motivators

It is advisable to have several motivators at the same time. This is where the rule applies: more is better. They can be:

Pictures for the motivation to lose weight

Remember the classic example: "Are you hungry? Get an apple! Do you want an apple? It means you are not hungry. "This comic phrase has enormous significance. You can put this picture on the desktop, hang it on the bed, stick it on the fridge. The main thing is that you can find it easily and simply with your own eyes.

A friend opened an album on a social network, where she added images that encouraged her to lose weight. Also, her motivation is quite evil in nature, apparently the carrot method didn't work for her.


Psychologists claim that most of the desires of girls are formed while watching something for a long time. Think of any fashion and beauty movie. They focus on aesthetics, beautiful images and rich life.

What do you feel when you see all this beauty? You will surely want to dive into this boundless world of fashion and forget about yourself in a sweet dream. In these movies, you will never see women that are too fat. Make sure you watch motivational movies.

Cover girls

Celebrities with a good figure can be role models

Have you seen the figures of Megan Fox or Jessica Alba? What can I say, in Hollywood and around the world, they are very popular. Do you want to have the same proportions of the body? Create your reference figure.

Put the photo on the desktop, surround yourself with images from all sides. You have to constantly think about your search for a beautiful and slim body!

Find inspiration

On the Internet, you can often find stories of girls who have made "sweet candy" with their bodies. As a rule, in their memoirs, beauties talked about what their motivation was, what they had to go to in order to get an interesting result.

If possible, chat with these people in person! Who knows, maybe in a couple of years you'll already be sharing your amazing transformation story from a plump hippo into a slender flamingo.

Photo "Before and after"

To see continued progress, take a picture every week. You just need to be photographed in one location and preferably with the same lighting. Imagine how you will compare your past photos and see the result on your face! When the image of progress is before your eyes, the motivation becomes even greater. So do it!

As the saying goes, "a new life begins not on Monday, but with morning exercises". Let's talk about sport.

Down with old habits! I want to start a new life!

Swimming, like any other sport, is a good habit for losing weight.

So, are you seriously determined to lose weight, get rid of old habits, so what's the time to do? That's right, take the useful ones. Start playing sports!

There are a huge number of training programs, but we are primarily interested in cardio training. With their help, you can get your body in order in the shortest possible time. And all of this can be done at home.

Here everything is simple: you need to determine the pulse value according to the formula, at which fat will burn faster during exercise.

Heart rate calculation for fat burning zone:

220 - age = A

Lower limit: B = A * 0. 65

Upper limit: C = A * 0, 85

Substitute the values in the formula for the 35 years:

220-35 = 185

Lower limit: 185 * 0. 65 = 120. 25

Upper limit: 185 * 0. 85 = 157. 25

Total for an aged woman35 yearsto burn fat during cardio, you need to keep your pulse in the aisle120. 25-157. 25beats per minute. And the duration of the workout should be at least 40 minutes. 10 minutes before the end of the workout, I recommend gradually reducing the pace so that the pulse slowly returns to normal.

In fitness centers, every cardio equipment has a heart rate function or use a bracelet to train at home. Also, using the fitness bracelet, you can countsteps taken. . . For example, yesterday I walked just over 20 thousand.

Fitness instructors present different types of their programs today. Choose the one you really like.

Let us agree with you that you will only play sports with pleasure. Exercise should cheer you up. A healthy lifestyle is a reliable and loyal friend with whom you will go on a long and happy journey.

How to overcome laziness?

For effective weight loss, you need to fight laziness.

We all often like to say, "Yes, I'll do it tomorrow. "An excellent sentence, but it actually sounds completely different: "Today I'm too lazy to do it. "

It would seem that there is motivation, even progress, but laziness sooner or later begins to remember itself. How to deal with this insidious monster? Try to set tight deadlines, within which you have to reach certain parameters.

Evaluate your skills soberly. Everyone loves fairy tales, but losing 30 kg of excess weight in 2 days will not work. Several useful methods:

  • Keep a food diary. Write down your daily diet in detail. Have you eaten a cake, muffin or cupcake? Also write about this error. Have you set a new 1000 mile record? Be sure to tell us! Are the shape parameters smaller? Write, shout for joy! Thus, you will see a constant dynamic. The positive results will be an added incentive and the laziness will have disappeared.
  • Give yourself rewards. For example, if after a certain period of time you have achieved your goal, thank yourself. Buy a movie ticket, relax in nature, visit a beauty salon.

Laziness is not the most reliable companion in life. Try to stop communicating with her as soon as possible.

A few more useful tips

You should always keep a picture in your head: why and why you are losing weight. If in your imagination you draw a black void, there will be no result. Always visualize your goal, imagine the final result.

Honest work and visualization of your dreams are two of the most important factors! So, the motivation was found, you established good habits, got rid of laziness, what recommendations still exist? Some more useful tips:

Create an activity for every day

Reading, learning languages ​​or any other hobbies will distract from thoughts of junk food

Fancy a tasty snack? Get this bad idea away from you right away. Create an activity that you do every day. For example, start learning English. Imagine how in a few months you will not only get a slim figure, but you will also tighten your tongue.

Also, you have to study English every day. You won't have much time to eat a candy or snack at the bar.

i want like you

Do you have beautiful friends who are thinner than you? Sign up with them in the pool or sauna. Don't you want to have the same figure as theirs, and maybe even better? You will be guided by the desire to appear better than others. This is very important for a girl.

Measurements every week

Girl with beautiful shapes

To keep track of the dynamics of volumes, regularly take out a tape measure. You shouldn't do this every day, as the changes will be minor. But when you compare the two results with a frequency of seven days, you will surely be pleasantly surprised. You will have even more motivation to work on yourself.

View from the outside

Ask your friend to film you dancing or playing sports. When you look in the mirror, it distorts the image and does not give objective information about the beauty of the figure.

These helpful tips are a big plus motivation than the ones already available above. Try to apply one thing and the result will not be long in coming.

My dear! We have examined in detail a very important and vital topic that worries the whole beautiful half of humanity. I hope and believe that you have learned useful information, learned many new things and apply the experience gained in practice with fire in the eyes.

Nothingdo not be afraid, do not listen to anyone from the outside. Just believe in the call of your heart and you will surely get amazing results. Quote from the Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch: "What poetry, what wonderful beauty the graceful figure of him breathes! "

I'm sure every girl wants the same praise on her figure.