Some exercises for weight loss belly and sides

Everyone knows how easy it is to save pounds at the waist and the abdomen. But why is this?


To understand the mechanism of this process, the easier it will be to build a weight reduction program and the reduction of problem areas. "Fat builds up because of the excess calories in the diet. It is an energy that the body reserves, " explains Victoria Kasilova, personal trainer and founder of the laboratory staff of fitness. — You can skip this analogy: a honda that you have taken the money, bought gold bars and put them in a chest closed to key. And now, honda, that you have decided to this money to recover. You must first find the key to the chest, open it, remove these bars to go exchange them for money. With the lipolysis by the same thing: to initiate the process for fat burning, you must turn on many factors: a hormonal deficit of calories. The need to create such a need for energy for the body itself has wanted to these stocks to spend."

Clean the sides and belly: where to start?

With the understanding of the fact that the human body can't lose weight locally, it is only in a specific area. "You accumulate extra pounds and lose weight according to your constitution and genetics," says Catherine Demidov, the assistant coach of the the direction of group programs federal network of fitness clubs. For you have left the famous "boca", while the belly has become flat, you may have to reduce the weight in the set, reconstruct the diet and doing physical exercises.

the lifting of the foot

However, the pick up with the spirit. "There's a myth that where we train the muscle we have burned the fat. — This is not the case. Because the process, the fat burning, we have ongoing throughout the body, and not locally. But we can work on the problem of the area. In what plan? Form there the muscles, build strength or dexterity. And, more specifically, to burn fat in a place that we can't, because it comes out as calculated on the peculiarities of your body. Someone easy and can quickly lose volume in the foot area, someone in the area of the stomach, and to someone first decreases the chest, upper back, and before all the rest. The body first produces fat of those places where he felt less storage priority. And with the most important for him seats (in women, it is most often just the belly, hips and thighs), it gives the "reserves" much worse". Therefore, well-balanced diet program will include and strength training exercises and cardio and good nutrition.

Get rid of the fat in the belly: the basic errors

The most common mistakes trainers consider the following:

1. The use of the workout on the thermo-corsets, or a polyethylene film. "Spreading the myth that where we sweat, we are here and lose weight, says Victoria Kasilova. — But this is not the case. Following the fat is not going away. If everything was simple, we could just go lose weight in a sauna. In fact, the result of this spell only the liquid. And sometimes, a good, necessary. Carried away "sweatshops" devices", you dehydrate the body and increase the load on the cardiac system". And again, you run the risk of injuring the internal organs. "For example, a corset during exercise increases the pressure on the internal organs, impairs the circulation, and does not give the muscles deeper work".

side delamination

2. The waiver of functional exercises. The idea of fast weight loss belly also a passion for some, they don't know the year, leaving in its centre-only the time of taxiing to the press. And it is in vain! "First of all, it does not happen to be pumped to the press without training, tenuous body, said Victoria Kasilova. — If the person starts to exercise, first, there is a relief of the hands, the legs, the back, and then the cubes of the press". And all of this will only be possible if your "sports card" of the security forces and functional training, it is once again it is necessary to work with all the muscles of the body.

Secondly, in themselves, of abdominal exercises are not as energy-intensive as many levels of base of the movement like sit-ups, chin-ups, push-ups. "To create a greater consumption of calories (an essential condition to lose weight from the belly, the sides and the whole body), it is necessary to work the large muscles. It is a little bit how works the engine from the car: "runabout", it consumes little fuel, suv — sometimes more. So here the suv is the muscles of the legs and "runabout" — this is the muscle of the press." More too, working only with the region of the belly, you might hurt your back. "Not knowing how to work the body, and fanatically by loading the press, it is possible that you have an injury, lumbar, hernia or the protrusion, rather than a beautiful belly. Because these movements have the impact of the compression on the spine".

3. Performing unnecessary or inappropriate exercise. The first includes the slopes in the direction of bodybuilding. "Do not fight effectively against the sides of this way. The size of this so you too thin don't. Some groups of muscles build, but the desired effect will not get. Work with dumbbells, if you are not doing anything wrong, if the back pain is not discomfort, if this helps you to times the placebo. But a lot of this kind of exercise will not be. Instead of it is better to make the diagonal torsion lying, it is safer for the lower back".

exercises with fitball

It's well worth to perform exercises for the belly and sides

Focus on the development of the muscles of the press, experts advise only in certain cases. "Pumped this area separately needed for beginners, those who have no training, after the rehabilitation, after childbirth. Here will be a useful easy case of torsion lying on the ground, the belt and as she exercises on media stable, says Victoria Kasilova. — It is necessary that, in order to merge into a single block, the sternum and the pelvis. Connection between the zones — paperback. To make it waterproof and be able to perform exercises, to cope with the household chores without injury to the back, and are in need of simple exercises for the abdominal muscles".

Same for the speakers of the athletes. "Also worth to include in the training of abdominal exercises to those who are preparing to compete — for example, a health centre, bikinicom," adds Victoria Kasilova. If you have been exercising and are not going to participate in a contest, fitness bikini, there's no sense in advanced the download press. "When a person is already trained in some time, and has developed the coordination, exercises, release programs are excluded as a lower priority. Because the press in the great exercises functions as a stabilizer, it supports your body when you perform squats, with resistance training, pull-ups, presses, chin-ups, push-ups ever".

The the most effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides

the emphasis lay with fitball

There are many types of exercises for this area, but not all of them are able to give you the desired effect. Further, all movements are available for the training at home. "I recommend to perform exercises at home simple with a technical point of view. It is desirable to establish a program from a variety of movements: the press consists of a multitude of small fibres, which are located under different angles. By combining the two kinds of exercises, and you can use them". We asked the experts to make a list of the most effective, easy and simple exercises for the abdominal muscles. Here they are:

Planck: "there Is a year in which work the deep muscles, including the transverse abdominal and obliques. You can perform different types of chopsticks, classic, side, or dynamic, the most important thing is to respect their boss and properly. Instead of minutes, the plates, the more effective will be to conduct several short with a pause of a few seconds, the so-called "the" bar".

Incomplete torsion: "the exercise of twist, and climb up to the lower edge of the blades, if you turn directly to the muscle of the abdomen and oblique", comments the Catherine.

The "square": "In this position, when it is practiced correctly, you will be able to work effectively in isolation the muscles of the bark," recalls Catherine Demidov.

Also effectively work the area of the abdomen and flanks to help the direct exercise "is not designed for this area. It is almost all the power of the basic — squats, chin-ups etc. "is necessary to understand that the exercise of the press is not always assimilate not only the muscles of the abdomen, with us, are involved in the entire cor — ta musculature, which is located at mid-body, relic of the sternum and the pelvis," says Victoria Kasilova.

the muscles of the legs

We asked Victoria to show us a complex exercise, which has been developed taking into account all these factors.

How to build a lesson

  • Start a workout with a simple articulation of the gym, or 10 minutes cardiopatici. This will help you to prepare muscles and joints for the effort.
  • Follow all of the exercise in compliance.
  • Watch the breath: the effort to do so on the expiration.
  • To get into the program 4-6 times per week.
  • Gradually increase the load. "The adaptation of the organism (and thus the change of appearance) occurs only when we create the stress, the extra mile — this is Why, preferably, each week a little complicate the course: use of abatement, to increase the number of repetitions".
  • Complete your workout Cardioceratidae. If your schedule is not regular to the gym, don't forget to add to our complex cardiozone — enough 40-50 minutes of navigation, Cycling, running two to three times per week. "Cardio will create a consumption of more calories, with his help, we can get rid of any part of the fat, and here are exercises for the abdominals will help to make the muscles stronger". To complete the set, you will need a mat and an exercise ball.

Direct the curl

torsion bars

Lie on your back, bend the knees slightly. The lower back against the floor. By working the muscles of the press, as you exhale, lift the shoulder blades on the floor, hands pull forward, press the palms of his knees. Don't force your neck and shoulders. Slowly lower back on the mat. This will be a repeat. Follow the 15-20 tells.

Torsion bars

Lie on your back, bend the knees slightly. The lower back against the floor. By working the muscles of the press, as you exhale, lift the shoulder blade to the top of the soil and monitor body to the right. The hands pull in front of him. Don't force your neck and shoulders. Gently, return to the starting position. Perform 15-20 repetitions on each side.

Reverse crunch

Lie on the back, the hands pull along the hull. Bend the knees slightly and lift your legs up. Push the lower back to the ground. By working the muscles of the press, as you exhale, lift the pelvis on the floor and walk the feet behind the head. The belly should touch the thighs. Slowly lower to the starting position. Perform 15-20 repetitions of the exercise.

side planck in the dynamics of the

Rolling with the elevation of the basin

Lie on the back, the hands connect to the castle on the back of the head. Relax your neck and shoulders. The lower back against the floor. Feet to get to the top, crossed at the ankle. On the expiration, by working the abdominal muscles, lift simultaneously on the carpet of the scapula and the pelvis. Gently, return to the starting position. Perform 15-20 repetitions of the exercise, monitor the breathing.

Side planck in the dynamics of the

Lie on the right side, the right hand, bend the elbow and lean on the forearm. The feet pull back, and rest in the ground, the side surfaces stop, the left arm put on the thigh. Do not cave in in the back. With the expiry detach the basin from the ground, and work the abdominal muscles and the back. Softservices at the highest point of 3 to 4 seconds, return to the starting position. Follow the 20 repetitions on each side.

The rotation of the feet in supine position

Sit on a mat with the legs straight. Bend forward the hull rear. Bend your elbows, pull back a little and rely on the forearm. Fold the legs in the hip joint and pull them to the top. Sacrum against the floor. By working the muscles of the press, bark and thighs gently take Myski and the straight legs to the left, back to the center and fold them to the right. This will be a repeat. Follow the 10-20 tells.

The lifts of the hull on the fitball

Lie on an exercise ball left on the side, placing the ball casing and the basin. The feet pull back, and rest in the ground, the side surfaces stop. Of the left hand, fold it and place your hand on the nape of the neck. Of the right hand lightly rests on the ball. By working the muscles of the press and of the bark, exhale marc by cutting the upper part of the housing of fitball. Are not at rest and is not cave in in the back. With the breath, return to the. This will be a repeat. Follow 20-30 of these on each side.

The rise of basin the fitball

the muscles of the press

Get up to the bar in direct support of the hand, placing the feet on the fitball. Do not amplify the deviation in the back and are not at rest. Bend from the knees and working the abdominal muscles, push the pelvis toward the top. Tighten the thighs, the belly, podkalivat fitball hands. Gently, return to the starting position. This will be a repeat. Follow the 20-30 tells.

The lowering of the feet with fitball

Lie on your back, legs, pull it towards the front, between the legs tighten fitball. The hands pull along the hull. Lift your legs with fitball towards the top is perpendicular to the ground and, by working the muscles of the press and of the bark, exhaling, lower them to the bottom at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees. This will be a repeat. Follow the 20-30 tells.

Dynamic planck

Take the emphasis lying down directly with the hands. Do not amplify the deviation in the back, relax your neck and shoulders. Activate the muscles of the front of the surface of the body – the muscles of the body, the thighs, the arms. Then, alternately, bend the elbows and put you in the bar on the forearm. Return to the starting position. Perform the maximum repetitions of the exercises in a minute.

When to wait for the results?

Many experts agree how loss weight fast (in 10 days, for example) to affect your health and will also lead to rapid weight. A greater risk that the cash flows kilos "bring with them friends" — the body will store the fat on the case of a new hunger strike or the period of exhausting.

belt dynamic

More wise to reduce the weight gradually. "Our efforts are always directly proportional to our results. Adhering to a good diet and exercise 4-5 times per week, at the end of a month you have undoubtedly already see the first results. But don't forget that the weight loss is very custom, here, you must always take into account the characteristics of each and, say, the "data base". The most important thing — focus on what you want to achieve, and not on the difficulties, and then you are sure to reach a goal". So, take note of our schema of the exercise, study it regularly and you will be able to see the first results of weight loss per month.