Proper healthy nutrition for weight loss

healthy diet rules for weight loss

Both nutritionists and professional trainers agree that the most effective method of losing weight is not the most fashionable diet, but the principle of combining proper nutrition and physical activity.

The right foods on the menu and daily sports are relevant only for weight loss, but also for strengthening muscles, improving the contours of the body. But to lose weight, not only proper nutrition is important, but also discipline and adherence to some important recommendations.

How to organize an effective and healthy diet for weight loss, how to compose a diet for weight loss, will be discussed in this article.

Why do you need to eat well?

Almost all people who would like to lose weight dream of not exhausting themselves with diets and at the same time actively losing weight. Furthermore, the weight loss diet is often very limited in terms of calorie content and variety. You can only follow a weight loss diet for a certain period of time. During this time, it is possible to lose weight, sometimes even a fairly impressive amount of kilograms. But after such a regimen ends and a person begins to eat his usual food, the kilograms return. As a result, the weight becomes the same and sometimes even more than before the diet. Of course, such jumps are harmful to the body.

The way out for those who have clear intentions to lose weight is a correct diet (PP), that is to change their eating habits and constantly maintain a certain lifestyle. It is very important that in this case the daily diet is not sparse and tasteless. The PP diet consists of very tasty but healthy foods. Using numerous recipes, you can prepare very original dishes. But most importantly, this is a normal and nutritious diet, in which a person does not suffer from a constant feeling of hunger, as is the case with diets. Since the diet for weight loss, while observing the principles of proper nutrition, is quite varied, the desire to stop everything and get rid of it does not manifest itself, and losing weight soon already sees concrete results.

Also, such a system helps improve your overall health and well-being. By eating correctly, a person supplies the body with all the necessary substances: vitamins, minerals.

Proper nutrition for weight loss: instructions and rules

nutritional menu for weight loss

Practicing a healthy diet to lose weight is not difficult. To do this, you must constantly adhere to important principles of healthy nutrition. And once you get started, you'll quickly get used to it. The menu of proper nutrition for weight loss must be compiled with these rules in mind. Only in this case, the menu for weight loss will turn out to be varied and such as not to harm the figure and health.

The following rules are important:

  • You need to eat often and in small portions. Ideally, you should eat at least five times a day, around the same time. The last meal should be no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. A split meal will prevent you from getting hungry and overeating.
  • It is important to give up fast food completely. The list of such products is quite extensive. This is not only ready-made food like burgers and hot dogs, but also sausages, canned food, instant semi-finished products, french fries, etc. Ready-made food contains a lot of preservatives, flavors, dyes and other harmful substances that prevent weight loss. In addition, these substances give an appetizing smell and taste to foods, and a person eats them more than necessary. These foods are very high in calories and contain very few nutrients. Therefore, the menu should contain only healthy and natural products.
  • It is necessary to chew food long and very carefully. Long-term chewing promotes weight loss, as well-chewed food is better absorbed. Also, the slower a person eats, the smaller the portion they can fill. With a slow meal, the brain will receive a satiety signal in a timely manner, which will allow you to avoid overeating.
  • Drink enough water. If a person drinks about two liters of water a day, his metabolism will speed up and toxins will begin to be actively eliminated from the body. But in this case, we are talking about pure water and not other drinks.
  • It is important to maintain the correct balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Protein is essential for the body to build muscle tissue, carbohydrates provide energy, and fats are important for the brain, nervous system, and other organs. The body needs about 60g of fat, 70g of protein and 250g of carbohydrates per day. Additionally, you need to consume around 30g of dietary fiber per day. The basis of good nutrition is made up of protein foods, unsaturated fats and complex carbohydrates.
  • It is important to calculate the calorie content correctly. To eat right and lose weight, you can eat a nutritional value serving of around 500 calories for breakfast, 400 calories for lunch, and 300 calories for dinner. Additionally, there should be two snacks of around 150 calories per day. On average, the daily diet should be 1500-2000 kcal. But those who actively try to lose weight need to reduce the calorie content to 1200-1300 kcal. Later, when the desired result is achieved, the number of calories can be increased. The calorie table will help form the menu correctly.
  • You shouldn't eat dry food. Main meals should be hot and complete, not sandwiches or cookies. Once a day, you should eat a liquid dish: soup, broth, borscht.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables as often as possible. At the same time, there are vegetables, and you need to use recipes for weight loss that contain them more often than fruit.
  • You have to lead an active life. It is important not only proper nutrition for weight loss, but also adequate physical activity. Even from the photos of those who eat well and play sports, it is evident that the process of changing the figure in this case is much faster.
  • Massage is recommended to improve metabolic processes. This is an auxiliary procedure, but regular massage helps get rid of congestion, accelerates weight loss and improves well-being.
  • Alcohol should be avoided. Since alcohol also contains a lot of calories, and in addition, it has a negative effect on the body as a whole and the weight loss process in particular, the consumption of intoxicants should be minimized. Of course, you can drink a glass of dry wine on rare occasions. But in general, eating well means giving up alcoholic beverages.
  • It is necessary to prepare the food correctly. Studying the basics of proper nutrition, everyone understands that boiled, stewed and baked foods should be consumed, and fried ones should be excluded.

Based on the above rules, we can highlight the most important principles under which a healthy eating program should be formed:

  • The energy value of the products consumed should correspond to the energy expenditure of the body.
  • The body must receive the set of substances contained in the products, which it needs for normal functioning. A person should receive at least 70 different components per day with food.
  • The products on the menu and, consequently, the recipes should be as diverse as possible.
  • Meals must be properly organized.

Food for weight loss

A healthy diet for weight loss should contain those foods rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In addition, such foods should speed up metabolic processes and reduce hunger.

The daily menu of those who have decided to eat well should include the following foods:

  • Turkey, chicken, rabbit, lean veal.
  • Fish - sea and river, seafood.
  • Eggs: chicken, quail.
  • Vegetable oils - linseed, olive, sesame, coconut.
  • A variety of vegetables, with the least starchy ones.
  • Fruit.
  • Low-fat dairy products.
  • Whole grains.
  • Spices, natural spices.

It is very easy to create a daily diet for weight loss, including meals based on these products. In fact, from so many different products, you can cook many dishes, recipes for which can be found in different sources.

An example of a diet would be:

  • For breakfast: a plate of protein or wholemeal porridge.
  • For lunch - soup and protein dish, vegetable salad.
  • Snacks: a choice of fruit.
  • Dinner is a dish based on vegetables or dairy products.

Foods to help you lose weight

Nutrition that is good for weight loss must necessarily include foods that promote active weight loss. Their frequent consumption speeds up the excess weight loss process.

Examples of such products are shown below.

  • Cabbage- contains many vitamins of group B, as well as vitamins A, C, E, K. It is also important that this vegetable contains a lot of fiber and various minerals. There are few calories in cabbage, but in the digestion process, the body spends a lot of energy. A proper diet menu can include salads, pasta dishes, stews, cabbage rolls, and other cabbage treats.
  • Buckwheat- this cereal contains a lot of iron and other minerals, vitamins of group B. It is also important that buckwheat allows you to get full quickly and not feel hungry for a long time. It helps improve digestion, lowers cholesterol levels and helps you lose weight fast.
  • Fish- in sea fish there are many polyunsaturated acids that are very important for the body, as well as a number of equally useful vitamins. If the fish is boiled or baked, it will only be an ideal weight loss product.
  • Chicory- This product, from which drinks are made, contains inulin. This substance normalizes metabolic processes, helps remove excess fluids from the body and reduces hunger. In addition, such a drink can be drunk at any time, as it does not contain caffeine.
  • Hot pepper- the composition contains the substance capsacin, which promotes active digestion and accelerates metabolism.
  • Green tea- improves metabolic processes. This tea contains catechin, a biological substance useful for the body.

What should be excluded from the menu?

  • Sausages and sausages, bacon, bacon, fatty meat.
  • Sweets: jams, sweets, sweets. Periodically, you can eat a small amount of dark chocolate and honey. Some nutritionists recommend using sugar substitutes.
  • Refined vegetable oils, margarine.
  • Bread, white bread.
  • Sweet soda, packs juice, alcohol.
  • Fatty sauces.

Healthy food menu for weight loss

To get into the right eating habits more easily, you should at least roughly plan your weekly diet. This plan will help you not only purchase healthy foods, but also determine which dish to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

Below are the menu options that make it easy to plan a suitable meal for the week. There are several options for each of the meals that can be used to form both an adult and children's menu.


  • Oatmeal with raisins and honey.
  • Chicken omelette.
  • Curd with yogurt.
  • Buckwheat porridge with vegetable salad.


  • Fruit of your choice.
  • Boiled egg with black toast.
  • Banana yogurt.
  • Fresh fruit or vegetables to choose from.


  • Chicken soup, baked beef, cucumber.
  • Lean borscht, fish with vegetables.
  • Creamy vegetable soup of your choice, boiled chicken fillet, vegetable salad.
  • Ukha, baked potatoes with turkey or chicken.


  • Apples.
  • Curd and tea.
  • Nuts to choose from.
  • Carrot salad.


  • Omelette with vegetables and cheese.
  • Lean, baked or boiled meat.
  • Vegetable stew.
  • Vegetable salad and boiled fish.

For the night

  • Apple.
  • Kefir.
  • Grapefruit.
  • Pineapple.

Nutritional reviews for weight loss

Numerous nutritional advice reviews from those who have practiced it and continue to practice it now confirm that such a system is the right choice. By visiting any forum dedicated to this topic, you can see that many users talk about the effectiveness of such a system. Proper nutrition is the best diet, ensures those who have managed to switch to this scheme. But before moving on to PP, it is necessary to clearly learn all the rules and lessons so as not to make mistakes in the process of getting used to a new life.

On the positive side, users notice weight loss, improved well-being, improved health and fresh appearance. Also note that switching to a healthy diet has helped many get rid of chronic diseases. That is, the reviews indicate that this system as a whole is much better than any diet, split or sports nutrition and other methods of improving the figure.

As a negative point, users note that it is sometimes very difficult to buy truly healthy products. As for preparing healthy meals, the corresponding video recipes and step-by-step instructions in numerous cooking descriptions are very helpful in this.


Therefore, proper nutrition is a very effective system for both weight loss and recovery. But for this it is necessary to make it a way of life. If a person learns to eat well and at the same time enjoys such a diet, he is guaranteed to lose weight and improve his health.