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  • A belly slimming belt gives excellent results when combined with proper nutrition and exercise. But it also has its drawbacks. For more information about the products, see the article.
    31 December 2021
  • WHAT IS A KETOGENIC DIET The ketogenic diet. What is the ketogenic diet. How to eat. The mistakes people make with ketogenic diets. Research results on ketogenic diets.
    18 November 2020
  • The features of the regime of buckwheat. On how you can lose weight and keep the result? The menu each day.
    2 June 2020
  • Keto diet leads to greater weight loss compared to a diet low in fat, as in healthy subjects and in people with diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. The plan does not limit the time to take food standard, 18:00 — there is all the time, but within reasonable limits.
    2 April 2020